[NetBehaviour] Automatic Translation of Glossolalia

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Feb 21 00:38:25 CET 2019

Automatic Translation of Glossolalia


I guess Molly but Timmy thick of ragadam Rustica RI Bautista
Market BG and Lamar we speak out more IG poll Picasso's Miguel
Del Rancho Moore Capaldi we got Morgan regular much more they
Party Puppy to my color pearl Magic House Magic House magic she
brought stopping to get the raw apple like a Jago Peacemaker
like a barn roll Peacemaker Bop party mix la guitarra tour
parking garage a couple more barley paper all right Bubba
Smeagol Jamaica Jay Park I like by Kidz Bop. McDowell Market
Market like if he brought why keyboard emoticon pecan warranty
make a snoring Right By My ATT call Rob Park I can't wait to
meet the makeup of a calla about take a Poshmark party, party
make your day I know it's me got that hahaha but he can miss me
go wash my heart Gala cameras mer-ka-ba Crockett probably make a
taken guy catch La Kawa Andrade keeping me to like are small
like a boss smoggy or I got to talk to stick out loud because he
gots Market robbed a large or small we can meet to you for
awhile we got a deal make-out take me to rush market at. Marco
to ik Smiley Capri me Scott Rubber Ball OK Google call Copper
Tiki Mighty car charger local smoke out of a g proper shearmur
call Old Lady Gaga gaga Trevor t Buckingham old women take a
walk stank about Baltimore second let me be small can be there
tomorrow if you want. I think I chop off all got a small box
cover of the boss market Laurel jingle bell Jingle Ball by the
kidney is T-Mobile still Cash near Little Beach Hotel can't wait
best acropol it to be speak above her to walk in care of your
brother over there or leave me to give our team for FIFA
Cellular Rocky bottom off a skeet skeet skeet Apache pop music
lost job Report TV for car 42 s cam ranh gioi motherboard is
Cameron Robbie G ball hits camera musky Bellissimo take apart a
scammer on me Galaxy me to call different to your boss Market RI
morphe Vault you brush make a apple 1 watch me smoke out their
bra off mosquito earlier a smog Ibiza Smogon BW Mexicali fee
school algebra Smart TV small La spartyka Should I get a
factor market picture of 450 motor.

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