[NetBehaviour] Two Free Books by Alan Sondheim, Originally Published by Salt!

Helen Varley Jamieson helen at creative-catalyst.com
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that is crap that you weren't informed about it, but good that you have
the pdfs. have you thought about putting them onto a print-on-demand
site like Lulu?

On 21.02.19 23:26, Alan Sondheim wrote:
> Two Free Books by Alan Sondheim, Originally Published by Salt!
> http://www.alansondheim.org/Saltfront.jpg
> http://www.alansondheim.org/Saltback.jpg
> http://www.alansondheim.org/deeplanguage.pdf
> Deep Language, Salt Publishing, Cambridge, 2010
> http://www.alansondheim.org/TheWayward.pdf
> The Wayward, Salt Publishing, Cambridge, 2004
> Both of these books sold poorly and were unceremoniously dropped
> by Salt. I wasn't informed, and had no chance to buy additional
> copies myself - I only found out when I tried to order some a
> year or so ago. I'm also no longer included on the authors list.
> Apparently a very large number of other authors were dropped as
> well. I do believe we should have been informed that this was
> going to happen. In any case, here are two free books for you!
> The Wayward is based on MOOs, Talkers, MUDs, and other forms of
> digital texting; there are a number of "playlets" and other
> kinds of dialogs in it. The blurbs are by Maria Damon and
> Stephanie Strickland. (They're not included in the pdf.)
> Deep Language is wilder, occupying positions between codework
> and text, classical language, and semiotic splatter. The two
> books resonate with each other. The blurbs are by Maria Damon
> and John Cayley. (Again, they're not included in the pdf.)
> The books were beautifully printed; they were just taken down.
> Think of them as orphans, with beautiful deep and wayward
> language, and enjoy.
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