[NetBehaviour] Udo Kier - soundtrack to a non-film experience

Mark Hancock mark at memecortex.net
Sat Feb 23 11:18:09 CET 2019

Hey Netmisbehaviourists,

Here's a new track I've been working on.

Not sure why I called it Udo Kier. I've been watching his art documentary
recently. It made me think about how I could capture some of that subdued
menace that he exudes, while remaining calm and yet... unpredictable. That
opposite to bombast and high energy you see from people who want to act
macho and always seem ready to fight someone if they look at them the wrong

This track, while not necessarily for something I've filmed, was created
with a film that may never be, beyond what you imagine for yourself.
Soundtracks to films that don't exist have a long history, of course.
Coil's music for Hellraiser springs to mind.



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