[NetBehaviour] rough flooding a river runs through it

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Feb 25 23:58:17 CET 2019

rough flooding a river runs through it

https://youtu.be/rTuHiDtB0BA VIDEO (earphones if possible)

two breasts from which milk will flood our eyeseyes:but they
tend to swell in floods, pushing out spearing of aa flooded
lines broken rails tearing and marius defugeflooding cyberspace
falters topplesNet8: approx. 80k less than flood, was more
exhausting itselfm : flow, flux, fluid, flight, empty
gone,fashion.\par floods body, Net as sites (andflexed v1.5
float planes 2 v1.1 floatmenu v1.0 ...would type midst a galaxy
stars. I 2945 Manager's House, Fishing Club, at Nat'l Historic
Site (flood)3361 area, South Fork, where dam was, we're
crossingflooding words by namespm fuck katrina done on thu sep
sucking water city26_couple with yours; breast breast, milks
youelse {sleep(1); print "\nFirst flooding\n";flooding-room
light, softeningsi u, Tiffany thru Tiffanyalan, breath I your
body...:wonder lost." _floating/drowning_ Jennifer, or
_swimming/cresting,_ _flooding/ "& soon those memories flooding,
that inert event, signature, "All adjacent mines flooded.
"\nfirst flooding\n";:if ($sign=fork) {print ourselves another**
$thing cal @sways @de "waste" @s A transforms have fly _Nikuko (
see below it's not meanders; storm (Mississippi flooding).
(floods, hurricanes, tornados, droughts, etc.) foreseeable
future. night all lips (floodwall still) video x10 speed) video)
(get hell nick-flooding bloody no double fun here ** following
for example :: */Additional commentary: The result desire! .lure
paste compared doors, so /*...acters*/ /*may*/ /*be displayed*/
/*incorrec*/ /*You*/ /*flood*/ /*apocalypse.*/ /*me...'t*/
/*bother*/ /*you*/ /*a.*/ window /s can't stop flow sorry 111.
Increased "natural" catastrophes human interference. 148
apparent. dreams, sis . , language, 1959 Knox Coalmine disaster,
Susquehanna 1972 Hurricane Agnes parents' house, lost 2011 Right
after father died, bad valley; 2013 there new space some 3 slew
everywhere mudra-shifting, shape- 42.66 feet, above stage, towns
were relative, films are 16mm family flood. :<->- specters
streamed, quickly. Move dark dreaming hurricanes furious
daughter There put bonds" chora's breaking, dealing 1889
Johnstown Johnstown, deaths, tunnels, We've lucky far. only (K's
clean proper = despair irony, Nikuko-oozing, Noh medieval
theater; pretend Alan_S destiny unceasingly present, unceasing
lapped shores detritus_excretions_sloughings_tears_floods_
spews_mercuries_ disability. tsunami volcano. land hunger
disappearance, chatters televisual disappeared. powers.
honey2.txt swallowed organ, juices diseases, sudden earthquakes,
extinctions. offer-proffer dominantly floodbasin settings,
floodwall forthcoming drowns words. try analyze said, natural
not. _Naturally,_ then, thing easier difficult." requires taking
electromagnetic account. See, used able ISP, eludes, out,
elsewhere. Life began; I'll embedded evening. brief street
significant emi emptied cosmos basement. encouraged shaven,
short-circuited rings; taut. tied, bind tight, volcanos. Killed.
Volcanos. Rivers temporary articulation leg-hinges waves
susquehanna's equaled River,[2] killed etc.), neutrality.
everyone's like everywhere, drying place, exhumes releases
scatological Dali user existence. 26. wobbles uneasily spew;
praxis. cluttering; exiting, i've about; external literally
kristeva, I've exiting; _emerge_ extent freshman exudate,
wandering, meandering, walking, chirping, exudation, marrow
thought. father_immaterial_for_occasions-_ floods, fatherb feel
fetremake ff fing flicked flick flight finite lamina, _flood
emissions,_ infinity sources! Is finitude firgun foofwa
foregrounded frisson Fukuoka first_flooding_what_does_it strips,
advisory national weather service taunton ma edt sun abide
consideration.:onto thrusting sight feet murder air." alluvial
plains wadis arroyos. Rivulets banks, reform hatred vile will**
destabilized.** seduction, lure. .primary flooda floodb floodgif
floorcrawlskeleton floordance want MOO, yourself uncomfortably
toaded never father's surrounding utterable common, searched
word suitable memorial time, times reed stream. His twist inside
plain. We inhabit haunt dwell there. negation shadowing eyes,
kohl,** news, pronouncement. draws emergence. work explicit
home, now, 1972, collections, basement large allowing thinnest
crevice. pestilence. MOOs seduce contaminated. To flotsam
jetsam, sea selves: who's speaking, mourning children destroy'd
flood-flog again. sniffling, difficult speeds this.breathing
>From Kristeva, draw Flood. enemy. lunges land. flood.mov
flood01.jpg cuseeme. alike addicted institutionalized realisms
edge, close fast-foward substance thickened circadian she not;
deputy chief says orleans # completely destroyed# subsidance
cracked sheets, beds, rooms, landscapes sweep streets Chiyo
south Okinawa. Everyone air-conditioner ceiling (just hanging
tin) (it raw circulates postponed, hoisted/hosted America,
online offline, decades fire. pairs breeding falcons nine thous
burn leaving dirt vector-towards, crystallized flooding-
hydrogenesis?_,___n__if_1==$g__print__You_ flood_me..._,_ bury
myself flute before. ies. stars; neutrons rush cosmic rays
assemblage-floods, part-objects, annealings--everything
sandgranularity phallocentrism 1963 storage Providence
Pennsylvania 1982 container Tasmania attacked photographing
devastated ones us, necessary: order:  flunked pace confine gaze
Tied, mouth said drowning dochter erfork heh cobraboy
interiority symbols, parting internally intrview heard wings.
Wet-world facilities zones.  body's liquidity, posts, vacated
spaces non-existent, lure confines terminal. horizon; sheet
closes occupies existent, convenient! runs faster torm gu acce
tant wavelet unami open wound, consciousness, olden ject's
reception, trajectories Reynold's numbers.] jouissance rewards
withdraws inchoate kets tits (see "ooze" above);  clatter.
kinships kv:there's lot trouble that, famine. rice. grids, equal
placement frets sides cell, me; desperate. eating spite lapse
later. phenomenology later, layers extend code. labia moved hard
sounds, pulse library including old Opinator, life. looked
anarchitecture, oh many rooms limestone cratering deep blue
limit...taken orthogonal cipher "it's stuttered ling over,
delights? liquidation, terminal file alike; replies liquids,
starvation, starvation;  woe, woe; arrival accumulation,
platelets Seagulls male, though knave true plateau, o manic
tongue shooting-space violent tomorrow! Standby:the masturbation
matter energy, neutrinos, invisible mb.txt:beetles liqui wind,
power outages. medications relieve fish secret gnawing
sculptures signs, costs, messagings laser-incandescent heat.
millions. want; songs stupid symbols. missives, missions,
missionaries model morse-code molecular strings, handle flood.)
mp anthracite susquehanna knox mine movie index much, unable
multitudes, so, musical instrument object, must diegesis; Window
3.1) caves. legs ankles; breast-milk bed me. Eagerly monstrool
somo poss, brown onos toko ot oll narragansett entire island
coast.flooding...minor repertoire, about, going return. wraithe.
number crunching. WAVE net, nowoo orloonsoo #oo complotolyoo
dostroyod#oo nub bub lob emission sources flesh. rides, rides
wet, high. Nimbus shallow nnej none taat chunnel, gravity,
gravitas, humanity's floods; being passive, however, ran onto
blinded eye gun goin machinery shifting father, embezzlement,
thesis-advisor/friend, capital, consumption creating thele
planet, inconceivablele po pring vertical flat places, serrated
cauterizes fragment; spewspew beyond wets virtual involve
sexuality theory breathing took heavier heavier, daughters
actress. Halfway onlooker theory, onoqoo ovont porhops
provooosly wothon contonooos or, soffocoont oon tho memorie le
optics, neural-electronic teraterabyte objet petit a,
masquerade, lure, probes. Ytalk meat participation, something
turned exchanges, own; creates semblance Brooklyn prone past;
damaging Wizard snooping here. This poor drainage area. v
school, debris, overruns, tree, side,' broken, parceling rigor
surveying parents assemblages Delsin Mirror paving houses. That
story roads peaks, ocean bottoms. higher lightning, louder
pennsylvania, country. eg ..and exhausted, routing errors: YOU
ARE phone exchange, messages. board piction cumming sex,
outpouring pingmsg serpent shows mercy. decided Heh.  Fuck Auto
wotoroo "I body...", "\n" 6==$g; "The things! ...", 4==$g; "You
me...", 5==$g; production male shooting programming,
participants abjecting, full initiated 2008 commemorative
puberty run away sailor light useless gates. emits; vacuums roe
toe tub tube Tue tug tum tun tune tut floe flog read, produced,
names..." spreading/flooding systems elsewhere grid topography.
ago. religions, repaired roof storms threatened ripples muscles
/cycle, /flood, /war, /famine, bloodaxe dead. Energy sand
replace limbs satisfy sleepless, monitors twisting stress.
tortures scabs dali escape scorched, screamed someone seeking,
'and voice, haunt, haunting sence, messages, administrations,
herself shot base simulacra, regions skull slits wombs. Children
speak:  Saint Thomas! into...  snow-float, snow-flood,
snow-flow, snow-flow snow-fork fringe called... third exchange
internet protocol growing, spam repeatedly sending re- truth.
ssarily corrupt particular files, take glinting years Pairs
worlds, strengthening hurricane status watch southern studio
reader simultneous- texts, results flood-reader simultneous
Breath subjectivity, consciousness TRAVIS THE substance, exist
suck sexthing acid hole /sexthing surely non-existent 1/3
Bangladesh under non-living, symbolic, development tain lid sky,
viscous coating, tall slow-moving ammonias ureas disappear
technical difficulties adjust brows ted Instead
metaphor, literal prior, ffury [line noise.echo] bla ck
temological epistemic sources, receivers. temporality wires.]
terial hardened substrate. termites, ceiling... first. cosmos.
sung sang rolling occasion, involved images disaster. huge pent
fuel pending ter aegis back-door screen; older, backdropping,
communication bloods. dead switch buried; flowed; sixty-fifth
thirty-two; forms melded, disappearing strata resting mining
matrix Net. Thinking thinning, word-flooding, word-flooding.
net. one. wearing down, room, ordinarily separates (says one)
manner speaking avatars, silver deep-sea medusae, illuminating
south: floodengs subalternezateons. during fiber in-cum Ah
hypnagogic, stutterings visible. pulses, fragments, recombines,
let tribal peoples, building, l'Eclisse, they're dark, naked
fumbling putin floodings subaltirnizations. fluid coating name
event physical lit- thinking, indeterminate, letting how *IT*
various guises, Internet-nauts likely couple doctor; tropologies
since '72. spat final subtitles titty hot timeless confusing
God. tion symbolic). tions spoor emootions trope tropes scopic
chora come, sites, continue All already. Too point moist feces,
I'd silent embarrassed together; devasted complete erasures ten
thousand hours. Azure's cousin's traction, carving diferents.
Space isn't rented; cemented hungry attachments transgress,
transparency, providence travis-suck troth-suck wouldn't. withe
treele trophic tumor rain truments apartment early 1980s, crate
tsunami, charred bones, smashed tissue, exploded organs.
tsunami.txt:antenna tsunami.txt:liquidity, tuobaflooding-room
ooccoompoony hoom noom drawzoom program/room murmuring. ture's
chance: Inundate! Culture talk turned. attack similar
switchboard, tunnel, stretched u.s.a., soon, punctuation 31,
name. placing clothes waters. vacuum real.:first appear veering
cliffs completly veiled threats airconditioner versing
communication... (what languaging). overflows vertical.
heidegger, woods, irigaray, infinitesmials, hittite, Empire
want, volocoty dofforonco torbolont dofforont donsotoos spoods.
For come. He's self-absorbed self- war elf long war-battered
enclave. state gaza un chicken $1.5 billion damage water" him"
}" driving villagers means ravaging vicinity thought,
thoughtless, work- slaughter, pain, representations alterity,
??the ???? ??hir remains torture dream trapped lands. freeze
oceans. me), jam connections. (which keys. place. Nothing
stuttering, "flooding substrate phrases rusted wordless
jutterflies. landslide worldings turmoil world; wprini wraith
wraithe wraithflight wraithflood writenet hands erasure. wound
cloud, mist clothing closure, writing/riding software, sort yoor
lookong yoo, yoo wooldn't bo oblo movo ontol ontood stuck B
teeth. People things!!!"

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