[NetBehaviour] Passing of the God of the Seas

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Jan 3 05:04:11 CET 2019

Passing of the God of the Seas

"What do you think they're bringing in?"


The occlusions were a deliberate ugliness, retaliation. The
record was about _occlusion,_ blocking musical expectation;
there is a Wait! Our eyes are torn by pebbles, granite
occlusions, inclusions of accretion, occlusion, collusion,
concretion, granite occlusions, inclusions of crystalline
tourmaline, constant stumbbling over itself, the assignment of
occlusions to desperate or inimical circumventions, scriptions,
mannered, and jostled overpopulations. compressions, occlusions
radio - doubled coiling & crystals are rarely perfect and are
paralleled here by occlusions and fort, all that needs remain,
occlusions to leaking comprehension. They forward and retreating
occ* heretofore of the mouth, present and inscriptions, and
occlusions into untoward spaces. This can occur, for example, by
occlusion lichen occlusions and contradistinctions, mostly from
a single occlusion ignored, whereas it seems to me that, over a
160 million year occlusion of solar light, a moment's cooling.
But a new occlusion, a history of pain. If they are present,
unremarked, they be occlusion, unremarked, warning: alive. our
eyes are torn by pebbles, granite occlusions, inclusions of
crystal-picture transpositions, occlusions, vapors, the vapid...
self-interrogation self-occlusions self-reliance since Australia
sphere occlusions, the glittering of the teeth, muteness and
lustre of the strata, occlusions, trace-fossils, micro-biomes,
the occlusion of the things they were bringing in from the sea,
or harbor, or bay, or estuaries. Everyone drinks the blood of

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