[NetBehaviour] My Life so Far

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Jan 8 05:27:13 CET 2019

My Life so Far


On Facebook I signed up to follow myself to see what the fuss
was about.

There was no fuss at all. No one seemed to notice. In fact I
didn't notice myself until I read my friends list.

In fact I realized I had never noticed myself until I read my
friends list.

And it was uncomfortable. I couldn't stand what I had written
and couldn't stand myself.

I immediately unsubscribed and blocked me.

At that point I realized I had made an error. I could no longer
find my information anywhere.

I was nowhere to be found. I had no identity.

At that point I realized that I realized nothing. I panicked.

I called my ever-loving brother and asked him to do something.

He said Who is this?

I explained, he agreed to help. He remembered a few things about
me but not much.

He said I am a four-year old woman who has been divorced for
twelve years. I live in Ankara, Illinois. I have six children,
all of them in college. My middle name is Zachary.

I can only assume all of this is true. I am now back on
Facebook, writing about my many nieces and nephews. Almost
everything I write makes me sick.

Maybe I'll block myself.

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