[NetBehaviour] play

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Jan 10 03:50:05 CET 2019



,,and from the entrance and coming forth,,

&    my fingers still move. & i can move them left or right.
&    there are times two will move together. they will move with a
will of their own. & they own their will.
&    sometimes my wrist will move to position on fingers. from the
palm of my hand.
&    my kind arm will support my wrist. & my wrist will not harm.
&    will act among my fingers and my arm. & my other wrist as
&    sometimes three of them. & four of them in a wave. & not a
wave of my arm.
&    sometimes an other. & sometimes or or an other or both.
&    these still move. & own their own. & i do not tell them
anything. & i do not say. & among them.
&    my mind is my mind and still thinks. & my mind considers.
&    my mind among them. & i am still here among them. & i still
hear among them.
&    my fingers move.

,,and from the menu and pattern,,

&  beyond or within them. & within them.

&    my fingers still move. & among them. & among a thin line that
i have not seen before. & there.

&    each among the others. & the first among the second, third,
&    fourth. & the second among the first, the third, the fourth.

&    the third among the first, the second, the fourth. & the
fourth, among the first, the second, the third. & the kind
wrist. & the kind wrist of preparation. & the kind wrist of
following. & the kind wrist of following-through. & the arm.

&    the arm of kindness & support. & the arm of logocentrism &
origin. & the shoulder to the arm. & the first arm & the second.

&    the kind & suffering mind. & the mind of foresight &
memory. & the mind of hindsight & projection.

&    these & their projection. & among the first & second, among
the first & first, & among the first & second & third & fourth.

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