[NetBehaviour] Beatty Organ Restoration and Music

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Jan 19 08:24:10 CET 2019

Beatty Organ Restoration and Music

http://www.alansondheim.org/Beatty.mp3 some reverberation added

~~Unbelievable this sounds very much like a church or cathedral
Orgon ! No rather! Shouldn't be! or! I don't know Anyway it
sounds like that And that was done by recording with the
recording device zoom H 4 N placed inside the Beatty Orgon' the
organ's working again. it had stopped Which is the reason that
that happened was it the pedal strap had broken you can see it
in one of the images that's connected with this sound. So today
Thanks to Martha Tiplady and Azure, who repaired it by sewing an
extension onto the pedal strap, I've been able to play the
instrument again . So the music you're hearing Is me starting To
get into playing the corgon And producing from it . eurgen
itself is like a body; it's from 1879. the bellows are original.
It's like a cathedral - you can hear all the mechanisms at work
when the H 4 and zoom recorder is placed inside of it Enjoy .

~~The kyizi gong and the organ have this in common - numerous
internal resonances that interact in untoward ways. The organ
tends towards a judicious sonority; the gong portends dissonance
among other tones which are fundamental to the metal and its
nodes, but not necessarily to each other. The organ recording
contains the sounds accompanying the production of the intended
notes and their interrelationships; from within, the sounds are
on an equal level, the speaking of the speaking of the organ, a
Rosetta stone of sonic production. I favor this, just as I favor
the return of the bow in Casals' cello playing, or the sounds of
my fingers themselves moving along the axis of the qin,; even
the nails come to life. Or the breath sounding through a flute,
for example. The body registers everywhere; think of the organ
as organic, as itself somatic, in dialog with the sounds of the
fingers on the keys, or pulling out, pushing in the stops. I
think this uncanny, almost incandescent, an organ-ic life I'm
engaged with, half within, half without, its body, and the organ
itself half within, half without, my own. Isn't this the life of
the cathedral as well? In any case, enjoy, and earphones are
best; the sounding is directional to some extent, and with
enormous depth.

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