[NetBehaviour] in the cold of the night

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Jan 20 08:04:34 CET 2019

in the cold of the night


in the cold of the night waiting for the transfers to complete,
to die down and to exhaust themselves already this writing has
made the path towards the time of that & the signals are clear
enough: the sound of the terz guitar among the sound of the
strings & then some. i've been preparing an archive for the ELO,
there are tens of thousands of files and while they load, one to
the other drive, about 1.75 terabytes, and i've been up almost
the entire night several nights in a row, unsystematically
memorizing their orders and variations, so everything's slotted
and nothing is given away. so this in the middle of the cold
night - earphones if you have them, everything audible, what i
mean is the music and its skeleton, the carapace of a sonic
murmur as if it were possible to exist without a substrate.

my absurd response on fb, an idea i'm stumbling towards -
"I feel somewhat the same way, but I feel there is a lot I want
to explore, that will help me understand the world better.
Recently I've been working with three kyizi, Burmese gongs
(using 'Burmese' because of their age), and I've been thinking
about things like annealing, fractures, crystals and
dislocations - the gongs sound incredibly different from each
other. And that's led to thinking of the thickness of metal,
their thickness, and how there are sonic currents that travel
through it, and then wondering if such currents require the
metal matrix for resonance - what would they mean in the open
air or other substrate or none at all? Because they're not
harmonic and energy dissipation builds up some frequencies as
others disappear and others appear, while the overall energy
regimen of course descends into silence. Then what is this a
model of? What does it say if anything about the body? I'm
staying away from mysticism here, say kundalini, thinking
there's enough mystery in the traveling waves themselves. So
that's holding me. And there are so many other things along the
way that keep me going, through the depressions and anxieties
that are part of my life almost daily. Anything can open doors
and then the doors fall away, the matrix disappears, and then
the currents perhaps - "

and with the terz, different currents, differing, the flux of
wood and the linear modes of strings of course, the constraint
of the frets - but then the sounds of the wood and the hands,
sounds of the nails, all these produced through shear or contact
- the meaning's looming, when i shut my eyes though i see
nothing but looming files, tottering signals through what was
once the ether & the music come through this.

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