[NetBehaviour] Return, A Video for Our Times

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Jan 24 04:04:42 CET 2019


https://youtu.be/sXqTrKNKLdg             VIDEO

Ten minutes in length, please use earphones. Part 1 this is,
the full event; Part 2, tomorrow, the sounds emergent.

Return to This Land which has been abandoned, which has its own
life, its own trap. everything ends in what I have called, over
and over again: Annihilation: To the Limit! but an unreachable
Limit, as if every mind has disappeared into Churn and "the
existence of rogue wave events in the highly incoherent state of
the system and the hierarchy of rational soliton solutions." And
we find Our Home there among them.

This was My Dream: To return to a shattered World which cannot
ever be reassembled. As with a coaltown wracked with culm mounds
that are dead longer than the span of any of us, soaked back
into a soil. As with where I was from and now Immersed in a
great sea I cannot comprehend, let us call this The Great Sea.
Where I will move forever, returning to the sounds among us as
long as these Files remains, just as those Remains in my
hometown forever, my place of being. But this in water, let us
call this The Water. And what is to be borne must be born, and
what is borne must be born. Let us call this This Land.

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