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Call For Applications - DAT MRes/ResM

Digital Art & Technology (DAT) MRes and ResM is open for applications!

20 years ago the BA/BSc Digital Art and Technology Programme was formed (as BSc MediaLab Arts). Originally located in the School of Computing it dealt with emergent forms of technology that were very much in a clunky infancy. At the end of the last century in the same year as the World Wide Web went global the genetic code for the MRes Digital Art & Technology Programme crawled out of a technological primordial soup.

M-DAT emerged from an undergraduate course with industrial strength. Since its inception the programme has tracked and anticipated the evolution of a volatile digital media industry. This evolution has seen practices and processes transform more traditional industries, such as publishing and broadcasting, and seen new market places and cultural forms emerge through the evolution of the Internet. From its early engagement with the World Wide Web and hard disc based ‘multimedia’, the course is now ideally placed to engage with the next generation of internet and mobile technologies, pervasive media, imaging and gaming technologies, physical computing and the Internet of Things.

The programme actively encourages students to transform, translate and migrate technologies and disciplines. Take advantage of the strong i-DAT community actively engaged in educational, research and production. As well as the BA/BSc (Hons) Digital Art & Technology Programme (B-DAT) i-DAT provides connections to the PhD and research activities of the Research Groups in the Centre for Media Art & Design Research in the School of Art & Media. M-DAT has a particularly strong relationship with the i-DAT Arts Research Organisation and access to a range or resources and tools. These include the IBM Smarter Planet Lab, the Immersive Vision Theatre, as well as a range of unique experimental technologies.



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