[NetBehaviour] homage

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Jan 28 07:55:47 CET 2019



Homage to worlds of sound, with shots ranging from Laurel Canyon
to the constitution. So homage to the emperor, a clean death for
deep homage to Richard Diebenkorn automation engendering nubile
California - this is my homage to you O Titan; below: perhaps an
unintended homage to gustave moreau, certainly my most
subjective homage to Brakhage, little-seen footage from 1958,
the presentation a light-hearted romp, but the homage to the
presentation, unbelievable! homage to these works! homage to
picabia (distorted avatar in problematic grid)!

i am kyber i pay homage to the performer !
i am kyber i pay homage to the dust of night and day !
i am kyber i pay homage to those brilliant musicians i have
learned from, both in life and in sound, and in a sound life!

homage to you o titan saliva across my throat, o could I still
continue to present that light-hearted romp, but the homage to
the presence of wild music, wild theory, and homage to the
lineage from musicians to musicians, a form of homage to a
mentor, a friend, to those men and women who have disappeared,
who are lost from us, as we are lost from them

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