[NetBehaviour] I GOT NOTHING

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Jan 29 08:25:31 CET 2019



my failure of my work while i am alive, unraveling
and there's no audience for what i do
the stats have it on youtube, facebook, and webpage
i'm tending towards naught and starting ending
and there's no way, lout!

it's not a matter whether i might thrive, or traveling
or whether my work might in some sense be true
against my struggle, some sort of incandescent rage,
bending boards or taught, land's sending
messages against me, what a rout.

nothing's left of mind or fellow groveling,
at least in this urbed prison where i'm sick and rue
among the others, as if i were a manque sage,
rending hordes of texts, taut, bland and fending
against the thoughts of death, well i scream, tout

a glass for yorick, i find myself sniveling
this town holds me like scabrous wasted glue
no sisters and no brothers here, what might presage
my mending rattled brain, shot, glands and wending
broken the lungs' breath, slaughtered, i gleam, flout

a pass through new york, winding, not foretelling
i'm blown cold, basted and more than through,
hands blistered, no others, sere, this dark age
fending the battled strain, hot lands and rending
choked, the bunghole's depth, bothered, dying out

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