[NetBehaviour] The Terror of the Infinite Byte

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Jan 30 07:16:29 CET 2019

The Terror of the Infinite Byte


" the paleolithic era of 1987. There was nothing more to say; TO
SAY was TO ENTER, but obdurate had none of that; it refused to
multiply, setting itself up as a slim barrier against further
access. Ironically, only ESCAPE worked, but to what end?
Returning you to yourself? Nothing else was conceivable; the
terminal became terminal, an evil mirror rendering the movement
of dead fingers on dead keys suspect; you weren't returned
anything for your money or your time.

Obdurate continued, opened and closed firewalls, shoved itself
against your skin, refused to go away; ignoring ADDRESS and
RECOGNITION by the sheer force of arbitrary substitution, or so
it seemed. " (1994)

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