[NetBehaviour] "A Grave In Justice"

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Jan 31 06:07:52 CET 2019

"A Grave In Justice"


Has anyone ever written about a grave? I think not. So I am the
first and I will continue here. The grave is very important for
people who are alive, the dead do not make graves unless they
make them when they are alive, and then they're not dead of
course. We celebrate the grave as a sad place where our joys
come to rest. Here is a grave. There is no gravestone. There are
signs of activity around the grave. Something big moved
something here and you can tell because there are big tire
tracks and foot tracks that tell you more, that the grave was
put into the ground to become a grave when the ground was still
quite wet or at least damp. Then there are flowers that tell you
someone or some people are missing the person whose body it was.
Then there is such a mystery here. There is no stone and no
name. This was in a cemetery and perhaps was done in the middle
of the night when no one was looking. It is very sad. It is just
there and quiet and sad and unknown and it is in that cemetery
where all the other graves have names and stones and sometimes
trees and other signs of sadness. Here there is this grave and
it is unmarked and perhaps the person could not afford a proper
ceremony of goodbye. Which makes it the saddest and most of
mourning of all the graves. Perhaps someone will return and will
make the grave like the other graves. There is no sign of anyone
at all. Perhaps this is the saddest of all.

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