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CFP EXTENDED: Journal of Peer Production


The Journal of Peer Production (JoPP) is a volunteer-run peer-reviewed journal which has since 2011 both researched and put into practice the principles of peer production, understood as a mode of commons-based and oriented production in which participation is voluntary and predicated on the self-selection of tasks. Notable examples are the collaborative development of Free Software projects and of the Wikipedia online encyclopedia. JoPP is an open-access journal that allows readers to read, download, copy, distribute and link to the full texts of articles. Authors license works under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) and retain full copyright in their work.

In terms of research, we have published ten landmark issues exploring the interconnection of peer production with activism, political economy, bio and hardware hacking, free software, value and currency, shared machine shops, the law, state policies, feminism and queer issues, alternative infrastructures, and waged labour. We will publish our eleventh issue on peer production and urbanism in January 2018 and our twelfth on the institutionalisation of shared machine shops in May 2018.

In terms of practice, we have debated policy decisions on a public and archived mailing list. We have renovated the scientific peer review system by publishing not only reviews of papers, but also – in order to fully appreciate the impact of reviews – original submissions of articles. We have launched a “signalling” system so that imperfect articles can be published rapidly, whilst maintaining the standards and reputation of the journal.

Having defined the field of peer production studies and put into practice peer production principles, we now seek to foster new avenues and partnerships. We are calling this new phase in the development of the Journal of Peer Production “OPEN”. At the root of “OPEN” is the fact that we now live in an era where exclusion and inequality are being justified by overtly racist, even fascist, ideas. It is therefore more important than ever for progressives to develop viable alternatives to plutocracy and environmental destruction which highlight peer values such as inclusion and openness.

There are two parts to JoPP “OPEN”: “OPEN” EOI and “OPEN” CFP.

We are calling for “OPEN” editorial Expressions of Interest from people wanting to develop their own take on peer production. This means we are offering our website and network of reviewers for the production and dissemination of activist or scientific interventions in the field of peer production.

We are open to accounts of projects, to explorations of special interests, to analysis of the “infrastructures of the commons” (universal income systems, cooperatives and unions, free public services), etc. We are particularly interested in initiatives that would disseminate peer production knowledge and values to audiences beyond the academic and activist communities.

Please write to the JoPP general public list <jopp-public AT lists.ourproject.org> with your ideas or if you prefer to discuss them in confidence please contact the private JoPP editorial team mailing list <jopp-editorial AT lists.ourproject.org>.

We look forward to hearing from you!

We are also announcing a Call for Papers for issue #13 of the Journal of Peer Production on the theme of “OPEN”. This means that contributions can explore any aspect of peer production. Please refer to past issues for examples and to our style guidelines for guidance on the type of contributions we accept.
Important dates:

500-word abstracts 15th February 2018

Acceptance of papers 15th March 2018

Full papers due 30th June 2018

Reviews due and sent to authors 30th August 2018

Revised papers due 30th October 2018

Signals due 30th December 2018

Issue released 31st January 2019
Submission guidelines

Extended paper abstracts of up to 500 words are due 15 January, 2018. Peer reviewed papers should be no more than 8,000 words.

These should be sent directly to the editors.

All peer reviewed papers will be reviewed according to Journal of Peer Production guidelines. See http://peerproduction.net/peer-review/process/ for details.

Full papers for peer review will be due by 30th June, 2018.

For more information and feedback on proposed contributions please contact the issue editors:

Mathieu O’Neil | http://bit.ly/2A7JgAV | <mathieu.oneil AT canberra.edu.au>
Steve Collins | http://bit.ly/2xNhOmV | <stephen.collins AT mq.edu.au>

Dr Steve Collins
Senior Lecturer in Multimedia
Department of Media, Music, Communication & Cultural Studies
Macquarie University

P: (02) 9850 2165
W: http://bit.ly/122QivW
L: Y3A 191D
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