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Mateus Domingos mateus.domingos at phoenix.org.uk
Tue Jul 2 12:53:22 CEST 2019

Hi all,

I wanted to share details of an upcoming exhibition at Phoenix, Leicester (UK).

Langoors in the Labyrinth is an experimental game by Indian independent game developers Studio Oleomingus, commissioned by Phoenix and showing for the first time in our gallery space.

Set in post-colonial India, the game attempts to embody the tumult of a country in search of an identity:

Perforations turn walls into membranes.
They tunnel through form and create soft yielding bodies that absorb.
Perforations in memory make history bearable.

Langoors in the Labyrinth is an examination of the violence of completion. Of complete memory and perforated form. Of complete history and perforated reality.
It attempts to trace the runnels through which stories percolate and are deposited across various informal archives.
And it serves as a repository that ebbs and flows when explored - seeping through holes in geography and statehood, to chronicle the death of a town and the birth of a nation.

-Studio Oleomingus

Langoors in the Labyrinth is split into two halves displayed simultaneously; both connected but designed to be played separately.
It reflects on memory, exploring how stories and histories are formed and recorded.

There will be an opening on 19th July with an introductory talk from Studio Oleomingus.
Further details about the exhibition can be found here<https://www.phoenix.org.uk/event/studio-oleomingus-langoors-in-the-labyrinth/>.

Also, on 10th August we will be hosting an interactive fiction workshop with support from Studio Oleomingus. This will be a chance to learn about writing interactive fiction with Twine, and also an opportunity to look at custom engines Studio Oleomingus have built to create their work.

I hope this is of interest to some of you.
Kind regards,

Mateus Domingos
Assistant Producer

0116 242 2800 / 07923166815

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