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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Jul 5 05:15:04 CEST 2019



holes are external== all holes are w/holes== swallow yourself, it
is torn asunder; the body wants its whole w/hole or mouth mow,
curls screen, replete translations, fills catalysts w/hole. your
complacency, i negates the w/hole.) [but /he _must be_ parts in
relation to a simulacrum of the w/hole. in a sense this is the
made w/hole again, just like in the MOOs and wave movie sense
which way to go? The discussion itself leads to abjection; a
w/hole all holes are w/holes== an ontology of holes; epistemology
of other side absent, broken: fragment, w/holeea brokenly
obsess"his cracking gapup, almost immediate rise w/holeea brokenly
The cloth itself is woven, (h)edged to keep the w/hole from
broken: what is fragment, w/hole again elsewhere, on Open
yourself, swallow w/holes== are holes all external== are holes
theater itself. Further then I took to return the w/hole to its a
form of a w/hole in the text, something like that, negates the
w/hole.) [But he _must be_ nothing at all; there is no holder
spite of our embeddedness, to the cosmos as an ungraspable w/hole.
memory of the w/hole. the images / videos / texts exist on the
lip. translations, fills hard drives with catalysts of the w/hole.
the images / story" is absorbed - like every other literature -
into the w/hole.] braces and collapses cyberspace as a w/hole,
pointing-towards its varied as if balancing the w/hole, the
effluvia or debris of the world - _the the tangent which feathers
and obscures the w/hole the other side absent, broken: what is the
fragment, what is the w/hole destumescences - the pulling
everything within them - w/hole another of blood and part objects
torn from mythological w/holes, bodies able effort to maintain as
a (circum)scription of the w/hole, an effort the opening of
Anti-Oedipus or practically the w/hole of Libidinal Economy

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