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What a nation is, is the talk of centuries, years, seasons,
months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds. What is natural is a

A.D. MDCCCXLIV, 1844, In the year of our Lord, Eighteen hundred
and forty-four; or Eighteen hundred and forty-four years, since
the birth of our LORD Jesus Christ. Bait, lure,, Bare, naked. What
a long while a year is! It is a bitter movement. It is a bitter
moment. The sun will leave us soon. And when that happens, war
comes. Rapine, conquest, desolation, rampage, murders, burned
villages, the members of a club or sororal or fraternal
organization. The members of the body. The membranes of breath and
what swallows and when. And always, where. And never, why.

A person who has lost the use of reason, is said to be labouring,
or suffering under alienation, or the loss of mind. What is mine
is not what a mine is. What a mine is, is loss of mind. What a
loss of limb.

ARE; AIR; Com pare pre pare be ware re pair de clar de spair AIN A
gain against a pron i dle i dler i dling o gle Ca ble

day time moon shine fount ain play thing

ER EAR IR it is imperative to take action N/OW. what does this in
volve? present ation of ARMS @ length. @ the gate. to work on
CHANGE. to work on CHANGE not CHANCE. to CHANGE Chance. a vag, a
bond, under stands what vis-a vis I ble - ed - sacred code - MA
chine. if one had the pre-sents of MIND that is. to rawrite our
story. left, bracket::bracket, write []. to begin. what is it to
begin. a gain, st-orrery. a play is a luxury. a light is a f/lux.
to lay a mine or mind. to be-set. such. "My little helpless
sister! I would fain her bondage share, -- I never had an other,
And s/he's a captive there!" BUMP KIN car cass. CAN did among
others. luxusury language here. it is a safe place. "A wall I
built, it shall not fall / to Liberty without."

lone some, moon shine, dow sing no wan me. the pleas. the choice
of gaol or jail. the come for tong the zone. "I lose my language
when I gain the ability to say just about anything. There are
boats by the beach, beached. There are people dis, owned, drowned.
and then be-longings.

Ap pa rent such and such a space in such and such a place. The
"such." What comes, comes first. Nothing comes later after. A
pace. Ap act. a jar, to mark, re mark. mar <ket, bra> cket. "no
matter how much i learn i'm amazed there is so much more to
learn." "Your words" cried the others, "are sharper than sorrel
--" than to live in the shadows of tyranny be-spoke < A poc ry pha
> < OK > <Cancel> Terminal dis/ease.

Palatic and Sibilant, or Hissing Letter - Xx. HISS: that is, to
say, an unknown, a quantity or quality, null, dev/null. the lack
of a star. O the luxury of wryting/writhing

A lien, a tion or shun < usury caught up in FURROWS, furlows, of
an ; in dust trial revolution. "rubble, scarp, scrap, hard tack,
viol ent/ity: to scrape, to scrape by." "Then everything looks
just as it does now." " "

words which harm or kill, words which wound or rape, words which
stab or scar, words which beat or burn. "We will talk, again,
about time." "This time, we will talk about time." "There is no
time like the present to lose time." It is a luxury to come in

What a nation is, is the talk of centuries, years, seasons,
months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds. What is natural is a

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