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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Jul 19 07:40:50 CEST 2019



"_In the horizon of the infinite._ - We have left the land and have
embarked. We have burned our bridges behind us - indeed, we have
gone farther and destroyed the land behind us. Now, little ship,
look out! Beside you is the ocean: to be sure, it does not always
roar, and at times it lies spread out like silk and gold and
reveries of graciousness. But hours will come when you will realize
that it is infinite and that there is nothing more awesome than
infinity. Oh, the poor bird that felt free and now strikes the
walls of this cage! Woe, when you feel homesick for the land as if
it had offered more _freedom_ - and there is no longer any 'land.'"

- Nietzsche, The Gay Science, trans. Walter Kaufmann, # 124.

I can write anything here. My fingers write their own; my mind
thinks otherwise. golden < > longed, for example. how did that
come about? or otherwise? I was thinking "golden"; suddenly,
the letters rearranged themselves: "longed." This simply
_occurred,_ it was nothing in my consciousness, really. I haven't
a clue what subterranean machinery calculated this. Surely the
letters didn't fly of their own accord! Another example - 91 =
7 x 13. I didn't calculate this either; it just _is,_ a state
that appears in the same manner as a word appears. Then there is
the _lightning stroke_ after an enormous bolt in the sky; you can
see it slowed up, an odd structure. It's there in the video - not
the bolt but the lesser stroke (powerful nonetheless), which
followed just a few minutes later. By that time I was ready, as
you can see. How and where is this world unfolding?

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