[NetBehaviour] i'm coming for you

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Jul 28 03:17:29 CEST 2019

i'm coming for you


Azure Carter, song, voice
Jessica Turcios, voice
Alan Sondheim, Boehm Bb clarinet, modified Albert c clarinet

three voices, this song, and still remaining breathing after so
long, and this song, remarkable range of the instruments, voices
entwined (and what is the difference between twined, entwined,
twinned, (twinned, as twine is twinned, or won one ::  music and
voices pushing death along, push death out, ('the weather is
enough to make you shake in your boots,' & 'whirring too fast,
once they're made, they're made for you, you can't, you can,
before you do'

because the clarinet is all breath and pressure, jaw, lung,
finger, hand, arm, because the reed is all nature, culture,
bamboo, water, lip, tongue (searching, pressing, as if almost
murmuring, wailing, speaking, as if about (as if almost (their
last (words, or fingers sliding, (listen, all (as if (and
tomorrow another day (as if another day (as if a neighborhood
(of sound (of consolation, (habitus, (as if for a moment (as if

Surely if they are coming for me they are coming for you, Eliot!
We're coming for you, Jennifer!!! i'm coming for you, Eliot -
you're waiting for me - you'll try not to run - you jennifer's
Message?  We're coming for you, Jennifer!!! becoming Message%
We're coming for you, Jennifer!!! Bring Eliot!!! coming for you -
whirring too fast, once they're made you can't do can do, your
message of breath, your message of almost pressure, your slurring
message, your foggy message, your forgotten message, your last
message, your message lost, message manque, (

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