[NetBehaviour] angst qin

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Jun 2 19:44:17 CEST 2019

angst qin

https://youtu.be/yQTMrR20N5k   VIDEO

video playing two qin, identically tuned, different tonalities
playing them with a combination of techniques, swirling tones,
everything wrong, what string is this, can i do this spread,
these harmonics

so much generosity! and i'm desperate for scales and consonance,
not pausing for an instant, my pulse heavy, going against the
grain, these are delicate instruments

& i have no right, or rite, to play such an ancient one, the wood
within amazing, sure to be from cliff's edge, water and mist far
beneath, a thousand years ago, or so i believe

& the other an upstart, from new york city, manufactured in china
with odd position markers, everything set strangely, thanks to
stephen dydo it also sounds wonderful (but not like this

& against the grain of the instruments just this once, we will
play together

in the midst of traffic and construction noise, engines revving,
people yelling everywhere, scufflings, bar sounds - our place is
solid but pervious, sounds of all sorts bake into the walls, wrap
themselves around the instruments, my ability to concentrate, qin
drowning in sound 'in other words' not entirely of their own

so i use filters, adding reverberation (as if this were a concert
hall, still full of noise), tending the result with earphone and
software, there we are and here we are a few moments later with
slight correctives, not enough, but enough for the idea of the

& its relation to the body (per usual), i become breathless, my
pulse peaking, dizzy from concentration, & so


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