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 Hi Patrickmy original intention was that it was a somewhat sideways approach to questions in aesthetics that have interested me for a very long time, both theoretically and as things which arise intermittently but consistently in one's practice as an artist.So that's how it ended up in an online philosophy journal...However I entertain the thought within the questions themselves that  the piece might also constitute a kind of artwork or literary text. ( And this came up in the 'workshopping' discussions with the Borderless Philosophy editors - I pointed to  late Wittgenstein as someone who can be read , with profit, as literature as well as philosophy -NO, *more*! - work whose philosophical charge is inextricably entwined with it's literariness)  and I also  quite consciously underline this in a kind of 'opening out' in the last four questions...As for a book -well of course that'd be wonderful - do you know anyone who might be interested in a pitch? ( it wasn't in my mind - more that I'd really like to see all sorts of people *think hard* about the questions and be particularly pleased to see them taken up within art education. Rather immodestly I'm going to make them the sole compulsory text on the studio modules of the MA I'm currently writing :)thanks for responding Patrick and good to see you back here!with best wishesMichael

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Sorry to be offline for so long. The constellation of causes and effects behind this are complex, partially because I had split my email addresses across five different ones in an attempt to simplify, and exactly the opposite happened. I want to try to get this straightened out and be a regular again.


This is a great list – Michael, are you considering this as a work or something you are looking for a real response to?

It could be a great book if the latter.


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Hi Michael,


Thanks for posting this - I read it as a list first, 


and then began choosing which questions I know that I could answer (or imagined I could), 


and then slowed down for the other questions which involved either me altering the question or going numb or feeling blank - which i think, makes it a successful artwork ;-)


wishing you well.




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I have a short text in the new volume of Borderless Philosophy .


Have a read if you have a mo & are so inclined!


warmest wishes


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