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I agree with what others have said, these are extremely 
thought-provoking, and almost any one of the questions would be material 
for a couple of hours of discussion. Great material for a book too!

My favourite one is 'If I collaborate with an elephant to make an 
artwork is that elephant my fellow artist?' That really appeals to me. 
First of all, you immediately start to wonder what kind of artwork the 
elephant could participate in - elephant footprints on a canvas? an 
elephant with a paintbrush in its trunk? maybe something displayed on 
the sides of the elephant? Secondly, who wouldn't want an elephant as a 
fellow artist? And just imagine the presentation if you won the Turner 


On 03/06/2019 21:50, Michael Szpakowski wrote:
> I have a short text in the new volume of Borderless Philosophy .
> https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/e2a905_df53424e9f454e9080b97f54dbc370f3.pdf
> Have a read if you have a mo & are so inclined!
> warmest wishes
> Michael
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