[NetBehaviour] our voices

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Jun 9 04:03:22 CEST 2019

our voices


shortwave from a small analog sw radio near groton
japanese submarine from a museum in groton
english sparrow, a successive invasive species

in our place in providence, the db level goes well above 90; it's
another festival and there are few if any laws governing noise
limits. i can't think straight. there are speaking directly facing
the building, and nothing helps here. i'm using earplugs and have
a migraine. a couple of years ago a car alarm went off for hours
outside the building; we called the cops and they said they could
do nothing about it. noise is maybe the major cause for us trying
to get out of this place - that, and lack of community. i thought
of sending the audio out today - they're late-night voices at the
lower end of the sw bands - they're shrill, angry, violent - and
they're also other sounds, anomalous signals, data transmissions,
code. the audio is raw, i.e. no processing.

but this broadcast violence! one generally doesn't listen to it -
at least among my friends - but it's there, twenty-four hours a
day, skipping from band to band, the same messages drowning out
other voices. i won't name the offenders (and to be sure there are
other voices even in this mix), why bother? we all know them, our
'president' loves them, just as he surely loves mein kampf, since
it is now his fight and was all along. in any case, give the audio
a listen, just segments end to end, in the order they were
recorded. -

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