[NetBehaviour] Ethernet Orchestra collaboration with Female Laptop Orchestra

Roger Mills roger at eartrumpet.org
Mon Jun 10 14:31:12 CEST 2019

Hi everyone,

I thought I’d post a link to last weeks performance of an improvisatory collaboration between Ethernet Orchestra and Female Laptop Orchestra.

The performance featured myself on trumpet, Nela Brown processing field recordings, vocalist Donna Hewitt, and Mir Shahab Chilan (Ch Shahab) performing on traditional Persian instruments balaban and dozaleh.

Online performers included:
Lea Ikkache (electronics), Paris, (FR)
Holger Deuter, keyboard and synths), Speyer (DE)
Chris Vine (guitar and electronics), Londrina (BR)
Sonia Wilkie (flute and live coding), Melbourne (AU)


https://soundcloud.com/roger-mills/live-internet-performance-at-halfback-books-and-records-dee-why-sydney <https://soundcloud.com/roger-mills/live-internet-performance-at-halfback-books-and-records-dee-why-sydney>


Roger Mills
Musician & Scholar 


"Knowledge is only rumour until it is in the muscle" - Asaro Mudmen, Papua New Guinea.

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