[NetBehaviour] FUTURE SPEED FUTURE is released!

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Jun 13 02:38:34 CEST 2019



Our new recording is available from Public Eyesore!
Really thrilled with this release - I feel I've made a
breakthrough in my music, and Azure is amazing!

Please support our music! Thank you!

Public Eyesore : http://www.publiceyesore.com

Alan Sondheim with Azure Carter

Future Speed Future

terz1, romeo5, cura2
humansmokedutar romeo1
oudfastnorev, romeo4
oudprelude, romeo6, cura1
romeo3, longneckedsazlinger
romeo7, fastlarsen, romeo0
viola2, romeo2

Alan Sondheim with Azure Carter, building on his legacy of
innovative music that resists genre, that opens awkward and
unfathomable worlds of sound, played on traditional instruments
without effects.

Public Eyesore has released Future Speed Future, with seventeen
high-speed solos and duets, with guitar, viola, saz, dutar, oud,
and voice. Speed is critical here - Sondheim plays as fast as
possible, the notes often at a furious pace. It's a study in
thinking, where conscious thought and repetition are impossible.
It's also a study in a different kind of music, approaching
Sondheim's limits of fast improvisation - scales, harmony, and
rhythms tumble and change from one moment to another. Sondheim
says "What I do here - I play as fast as possible. By every means
possible. Working in ways in which I try not to repeat things I
already know, trying to harness speed without being too much aware
of what I have done before. So that it is future speed future and
this is future speed future. And so I'm riding the contour of what
I'm hearing, and my fingers are flailing as if I were out of
control, or as if the music were in control, and I could hardly
follow the music. Azure Carter's songs are beautiful and provide a
depth and balance to the mayhem. So the result is this cd, whose
content is poetics and speed and what speed can do and what
happens when you make it or hear it.

"I shape the contour, on every instrument, fingers straining to
produce what i'm hearing internally, desperate to mind the
intervals, remembering constantly, what came before, what is
projected through the possibilities, whatever i'm playing, ranging
across different sonorities - I move among these, create
circulations among things i've heard in my mind, where everything
is perfectly in pitch, where it's almost as if i were capable of
shattered and sutured worlds. there's strings, bow, always winding
and unwinding tensions, nervous playing, even anxiety, anything i
can use in order to produce the surfaces of the imaginary i'm
shape-riding, i'm circulating, i'm inhabiting. there is always the
sound itself; am i letting everything down in this regard. i don't
know, i've moved on to the next figure, next position, remembering
the ruptured melodic arches that mark and remark me on the way to
certain dissolution."

Give FSF a listen, and support this unique music, available on
Public Eyesore now!


(We also have two other albums on Public Eyesore -
Threnody and LIMIT - Check them out as well!)

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