[NetBehaviour] Beginning the difficult work of erase-rebuild

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Jun 17 15:52:37 CEST 2019

Beginning the difficult work of erase-rebuild


well this is a strange and foreign how do you do; earlier today i
managed to forkbomb my own account, using r, then r > r, which
resulted in furious r | r repeated and forking at high speed; my
account was immediately automatically shut down to go to admin; i
removed all traces of r etc., and still not sure how it worked,
yes? i wasn't doing it deliberately, tried to stop the rocketing
of commands and reports and warnings running down the screen, they
stopped of their own accord, account crashed, probably the server
as well, announcement i couldn't re-login, taken over by sysadmin,
anyway i took out all traces of my nefarious deed (went in through
another server), and within a number of hours everything restored;
in the meantime downloaded everything through ncftp from Bash on
Ubuntu on Windows in case salvage was needed later on and here I
am on telnet from Bash on Ubuntu on Windows to panix3.panix.com to
my account, my old home; in the meantime i ran an old display
program from Bash on Ubuntu on Windows which mangled everything,
and produced the following output - which is to say things ended
happily for now - (btw i take the blame for all of this mess) -

Mon Jun 17 00:37:54 EDT 2019
NO!thrust OUTMon Jun 17 00:43:21 EDT 2019
still ongoing gaspMon Jun 17 00:45:17 EDT 2019
Working on sex tool bolted fieldwork
Mon Jun 17 00:37:54 EDT 2019
are you obtuse now and relative to this awkward anarchyMon Jun 17
00:39:24 EDT 2019
frugtal thusMon Jun 17 00:39:36 EDT 2019
murkor then what? mightoccMon Jun 17 00:40:06 EDT 2019
theredirtinessMon Jun 17 00:40:18 EDT 2019
r that brouhahaMon Jun 17 00:40:31 EDT 2019
absoluteMon Jun 17 00:40:41 EDT 2019
ES NOW ZEDMon Jun 17 00:43:01 EDT 2019
broken now or then such as might be !Mon Jun 17 00:43:15 EDT 2019
sex sex death nowMon Jun 17 00:45:25 EDT 2019
Mon Jun 17 00:45:25 EDT 2019

and it reminds me of when one runs 'yes' as a command or even 'yes
<text>' - that too goes on forever and of course you can fast
build up gigabytes 'f 'yes <text>' at lightning speed by saving it
in a file. which i don't do. but the fork, that's something else
entirely, spawning processes that drag the machinery down - from
Wikpedia - "In computing, a fork bomb (also called rabbit virus or
wabbit) is a denial-of-service attack wherein a process contin-
ually replicates itself to deplete available system resources,
slowing down or crashing the system due to resource starvation."

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