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When algorithms mess up, the nearest human gets the blame.
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Data Newsletter

1. Accelerating Uber’s self-driving vehicle development with data

Interaction with pedestrians is a pretty important piece of the
self-driving car puzzle. Here, Uber’s engineering team describes how
analyzing people walking can speed the development of driving technology

2. Modeling the unseen

How Instacart uses machine learning to spot lost demand
<http://link.oreilly.com/Uiax0yS0WM0FrC00jQ000ca> in its fulfillment chain.

*+* *Data analytics for efficiency at Instacart
<http://link.oreilly.com/hWxjdyM00F000irCQ000Sba>* (case study at O’Reilly
online learning)

3. When algorithms mess up, the nearest human gets the blame

A study of historical cases shows how we handle the liability of automated
systems <http://link.oreilly.com/FjaMW00ec0F0x0Ci000SrQy>.

*+* War Stories from the Front Lines of ML
<http://link.oreilly.com/p0y00F0jdS0i0fQMrW0xaC0> (session at Strata in New

4. Artful dodgers

Researchers from the University of Maryland and the University of Zurich
have taught drones how to dodge rapidly moving objects
<http://link.oreilly.com/lCMie000Wjax0S0ry0Q0g0F>, moving toward building
semiautonomous, adaptive small-scale aircraft.

*+* “How Amazon Cloned a Neighborhood to Test Its Delivery Robots
<http://link.oreilly.com/K00iyFM00WCh0frax0jQ0S0>” (article)

5. Data engineering resources

Here’s a curated list of resources for data engineers
<http://link.oreilly.com/b0000rMWCFi0Sxjg000iayQ>, with sections for
algorithms and data structures, SQL, databases, programming, tools,
distributed systems, and more.

*+* Check out the data engineering and architecture sessions
<http://link.oreilly.com/o00jQ00hC00jxF0yaSMriW0> at the Strata Data
Conference in New York.

Free ebook: *Operationalizing the Data Lake* [image: Operationalizing the
Data Lake cover] <http://link.oreilly.com/yjCFaixQ0r0WSMk0yi00000>

As companies are leveraging more and more unstructured data to make
data-driven decisions, data lakes have become essential. But few companies
have been able to truly operationalize data across the entire organization
and extract value from a cloud data lake. This ebook, courtesy of Qubol,
will help you build a cloud data lake operation.
Download the ebook <http://link.oreilly.com/yjCFaixQ0r0WSMk0yi00000>

6. How to learn the math of data science...

...using only the math you learned in high school

7. Testing statistical software

“If you use statistical software, this post
<http://link.oreilly.com/yjCFaixQ0r0WSMm0yk00000> will help you evaluate
whether a package is worth using. If you write statistical software, this
post will help you confirm the correctness of the code that you write.”

8. Have the public clouds killed Hadoop?

MapR Technologies recently announced that, without a buyer or major funder,
the company was weeks away from having to shut down operations and lay off
more than 120 employees. (They may have found a buyer
<http://link.oreilly.com/ilCF0QMjxnW00r000ai0S0y>.) Cloudera, which in
January closed a $5.2 billion merger with Hortonworks, recently announced a
poor quarter (and the retirement of its CEO). The announcement was rapidly
followed by a 40% drop in stock prices. Is this the demise of Hadoop or
just a bump in the road? <http://link.oreilly.com/n0Fx0om00iQW0SM0aj00rCy>

Strata NY Best Price <http://link.oreilly.com/z0ia0rW000yMQpCjFxn0S00>

*Deadline for the Strata New York
<http://link.oreilly.com/z0ia0rW000yMQpCjFxn0S00> Best Price is Friday,
June 28.* Reserve your spot before midnight and you’ll save up to $509.
It’s happening Sept 23–26, and the lineup looks amazing. Make your plans
Learn more <http://link.oreilly.com/z0ia0rW000yMQpCjFxn0S00>

9. Towards multiverse databases

“The central idea behind multiverse databases is to push the data access
and privacy rules into the database itself
<http://link.oreilly.com/hWxjqyM00F000irCQ000Soa>. The database takes on
responsibility for authorization and transformation, and the application
retains responsibility only for authentication and correct delegation of
the authenticated principal on a database call. Such a design rules out an
entire class of application errors, protecting private data from
accidentally leaking.”

Registration is now open for the O’Reilly AI Conference in London

O’Reilly AI Conference is coming to London October 14–17 and registration
is now open.

You’ll get insider info on the newest technologies—including specialized
hardware for sensing, model training, and inference and cloud and
on-premises tools for building AI applications. In-depth training courses.
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systems that give you a competitive advantage. And a unique opportunity to
brainstorm with the brightest minds in AI.
Learn more <http://link.oreilly.com/f00Cr0W0ar00jM0iFQSpx0y>

10. I spy, you spy, they all spy

WeChat got zero out of 100 from Amnesty International for its lack of
freedom-of-speech protection and lack of end-to-end encryption (for
comparison, Facebook scored a 73). “WeChat is watching
<http://link.oreilly.com/XrW0xqM0Q000SCyai00jFs0>” explains how WeChat’s
ability to tie apps together with social media and payments created a data
centralization tool that has “metastasized into every aspect of people’s
lives in China.”

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