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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Jun 20 06:59:27 CEST 2019

frisson and less

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the freedom of this world which already encloses us.
the enclosure = universal mechanism, always inadequate.
nothing is whole anymore, nothing ever was.
the inexressibility of signing a proper name.
a right/write proper name.
from Whitehead, "...a Latin proverb, upon which, in
our youth, some of us have been set to write themes.
In English it reads thus:--Nature, expelled with a
pitchfork, ever returns."

choses, frisson. exchange,corrosive frisson-jouissance,exchange,
"'Au voile qui la ceint absente avec frissons' (Mallarme)," and
she absente frissons"  (mallarme) concurrent. continuous-
production romping, cavorting, gamboling, frolicking, frisking all
down... down... jouissance, jouissance, frisson, frisson,
reference the two of them danced together, clawed together,
frisson, tremble! made virtue repetition; glossso frisson,
duplication-boy says digital exchange, frisson-jouissance, almost
at the lip, the edge dries the tears, the frisson, such sweet
tastebuds, you'll see; call origin a _ruby,_ granting it the tenor
of heat, frisson, thrust, symbolization call _ruby,_ granting
tenor heat, frisson, thrust, If fissuring denotes the frisson of
the (supine?) body, inscription lends Cheering HalfbaBand Comes
borders bodict disky, frisky disk call well, its very nature,
resistant corro- exchange, frisson-jouissance, against dry skin's
desire, frisson of snowballs and falls. duplication-boy worked
transparency revoked: dict: frisson foregrounded = frisson =
futurology = gamespace = gameworld = Frottez, ou frisson, ou
froisson - frole la question ... high-speed shudder frisson used
and directionless, abused and frisson-orgasmic meaning through the
frisson or jouissance of meaning generated by reading light,
frisson of the body, trembling of half-eyes and their dreamings.
pleasure, for your frisson or sport- or spoor-world, for the spook
or wounding, frisson, arousal, and death within the virtual here
or there fingers hovering above the tumescent fretboard, a sense
of frisson, socius, returning to its frisson/jouissance/ruptured
state almost immed- bursting the frisson tissues bursting lockdown
the of cyberspace they of debris and frisson, shuddering,
stuttering, trembling of the subject: in relation to data, to the
data-bank - the frisson of it implying duplication-boy, understand
as well the frisson of the iconic. is not the absence of language,
but the frisson of existence extinguishing the frisson and
trembling of being in relation. of if defuge were in operation
forms the reworking of fris hovering tumescent the poets frisson
moved towards swollen go tumescent and protocols of Second Life,
produces a signal and a frisson among none foregrounded frisson
Fukuoka first_flooding_what_does_it Eternal, We Love each Other
high-speed shudder frisson I can't nothing swollen my tumescent
sphere nothing liars frisson tricycle why keyboard hovering toes
nothing keyboard hypertext frisson tumescent a we shall be
frisson-dark-matter, weighed down with gravitation however
defined. Problematizing these in relation to delirium, frisson,
think be nothing except residues kind frisson, rubbing up against
itself. for your pleasure or operating pleasure, for your frisson
or sport- or impulse. At small volume, shuttle turns to shudder,
frisson, as if there poets they cyberspace of duplication-boy
bursting tissues frisson the heaving me. passive forms. found
irreducible. fris defuget drthe whiskey risks whisks frisky disks
further tumescent go swollen towards moved frisson poets the
tumescent the mystery lies in the clearing of the space and its
frisson of dict disky, frisky paleolithic fantasmic sac
performativity frisson periphy her duplication-boy and disk./ and
disk produces _wrything,_ which is frisson/jouissance
simultaneously of the duplication-boy frisson liars nothing sphere
their nothing or that's pretty much it (das Ding so to bespoke)

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