[NetBehaviour] Creative workshops at Access Space

Jake Harries jakeharries at gmail.com
Fri Jun 21 13:45:04 CEST 2019

Creative Coding for Artists, Vinyl Cutting and Craft Cutting, Laser Cutting
& Digital Design, Synthesiser building.

Access Space has some great creative workshops coming up. Check our
Facebook events page here for details
Access Space, 3-7 Sidney St, Sheffield, S1 4RG, UK
For info contact jake at access-space.org

First up on Sat 29 June is
* Creative Coding for Artists £12
If you've ever wanted to learn about how to begin to incorporate coding
into your artworks this is the workshop for you.

Tue 2nd July
* Vinyl Cutting and Craft Cutting Workshop for Artists £12

Tue 9th July
* Laser Cutting & Digital Design for Artists £12

Sat 13 July
* AuduinoMAXX - build a mini synthesiser £50
Build an AuduinoMAXX mini synth its own case, to take home, ready to
perform music and noise!
Based on the open source granular synthesis Auduino project, the
AuduinoMAXX has upgraded software and hardware that extend the sonic


All the best

Jake Harries, Director of Arts and Innovation
www.access-space.org  +44(0)114 249 5522
@accessspace facebook.com/accessspace
3-7 Sidney St, Sheffield, S1 4RG, UK
jake at access-space.org
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