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Michael Szpakowski m at michaelszpakowski.org
Sun Jun 23 11:45:45 CEST 2019

I just finished Charlotte Frost’s ‘Art Criticism Online’ , chomping through it like a novel since it popped through my door a few days ago. It’s tremendous- thoroughly researched, as near to comprehensive as it could be without going to 1000 pages plus, rigorous but also written in a spirit of great generosity and openness. You feel the author is as excited now by all this as she ever was and having lived through quite a lot of what she describes it seems to me she nails the ‘feel’ of so much of it. Despite its academic origins it has none of the turgidity of style and wilful obscurity that mars so much contemporary art writing - when a thing needs explaining it is explained. It feels like it is potentially the start of both a debate and a lot of other writing/activity around this area... I didn’t agree with all of her conclusions but that is beside the point - it made my thoughts pop in the very best of ways... I’m a richer person for having read it... Highly recommended:) Michael

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