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 It makes me very happy that the questions ( which I'm studiously avoiding taking a position on the answers to, at least in close proximity to the questions) should provide some kind of tool for thinking /discussion ...cheers!Michael

    On Sunday, June 23, 2019, 1:49:24 PM GMT+1, Patrick Lichty <pl at voyd.com> wrote:  
Just as a snapshot, this is what I’m concerned about right now.

And to answer a question, here is a thought.


18. Can one make art without knowing that is what one is doing? 

Absolutely, and perhaps that is a criteria of art. As Sarah Cook once said to me, Art is that which is critical of its own means of production.  To me, this says one has to have a position and to also embrace ambiguity in making, that is; art as exploration, finding, synthesizing.  The Fluxus person in me says that now knowing what you are doing while having an intention is at the heart of art. 

But I prefer not to be authoritati ve in making – I like chance.


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I do like a good list.

I also like a good matrix! (all those combinations)

And I like Art!


Here's an art I made with Tom Keene and a group of people at the recent (wonderful) Art + Tech + Commons unconference in Nicosia.


On Fri, Jun 7, 2019 at 8:58 AM Michael Szpakowski <m at michaelszpakowski.org> wrote:

Edward- thanks for the very kind comments! I feel I might be heading towards a ‘database’ definition of art - ‘art is a practice about which the following,but not only the following , questions may be meaningfully posed’ ( although of course that is all sorts of problematic and in my heart I remain a Wittgensteinian over art defintions) I’m pretty sure I came across the elephant example at some point ( it’s possible I dreamed it though)

With warmest wishes Michael
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I agree with what others have said, these are extremely thought-provoking, and almost any one of the questions would be material for a couple of hours of discussion. Great material for a book too!


My favourite one is 'If I collaborate with an elephant to make an artwork is that elephant my fellow artist?' That really appeals to me. First of all, you immediately start to wonder what kind of artwork the elephant could participate in - elephant footprints on a canvas? an elephant with a paintbrush in its trunk? maybe something displayed on the sides of the elephant? Secondly, who wouldn't want an elephant as a fellow artist? And just imagine the presentation if you won the Turner Prize!




On 03/06/2019 21:50, Michael Szpakowski wrote:

I have a short text in the new volume of Borderless Philosophy .


Have a read if you have a mo & are so inclined!


warmest wishes


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