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Apologies for not writing back sooner, we were away in Ashfield, Mass. with
a poor connection.
The photograph is beautiful, incredible, are there videos?
Threnody, yes, mournful and then Shorter Discourses of the Buddha, I was
thinking of the Pali Canon, which I read into, as well.
It is all bones, I've been writing 'The Inadequate' for a while now, the
text is inadequate as is the topic.
It's at http://www.alansondheim.org/inadequate.txt somewhat revised, it's
also coming out in an online and possibly offline journal.
But the point is that a serenade itself is a resonance perhaps for a
duration of a feeling, there's always a closure involved, albeit somewhat
Years ago I wrote a fair amount about the 'tawdry' and I wonder how replete
that is, how much is every left.
Best, Alan, see you in September, perhaps October, working out a schedule

On Mon, Jun 24, 2019 at 8:48 AM Johannes Birringer (Staff) <
Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk> wrote:

> thanks Alan for the text and the music.
> I reread your writing a few times, and in fact enjoyed listening to you
> during this echoing-memory piece in
> "the cathedral of resonance," as you call it. I remember that serenades
> were light, light-heartedly serene, in honor
> of some thing or some one, in the musical tradition I was raised in, but
> it's a while ago that I reflected on that, and you sound more somber
> and desperate. On the other hand, think of cathedrals without roofs and
> yet with memories resonating in their
> arms and corridors and bones and limbs, i think memory is a medium too,
> and I recommend a book I stumbled across
> which overtly seems to me a media history/media theory, but it's so much
> more and I'm enjoying the elemental
> sense of it (not devastation but plenitude of nature) - "The Marvelous
> Clouds: Toward a Philosophy of Elemental Media"
> (by John Durham Peter., 2015). The depths of fragility of our bodies and
> our earth of course are serious matters,
> you are playing with fire. If memory is time, thus lost or recorded, then
> you are doing fine, you are recording!
> Now "Threnody," a CD of music you sent me some time ago, refers to a
> wailing, ode or song, hymn or poem of mourning?
> a memorial to a dead person?  music tends to lift me, make me feel alive,
> does it not to you?
> I send you all a photo from current rehearsal, "mourning for a dead
> moon,"  i hope it will be a uproarious dance piece,
> full of wonder, sprouting new leaves, and blue lines or arteries against
> the dark sky.
> best
> Johannes Birringer
> dap-lab
> london and houston
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> ~~~Serenade~~~
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> [listening to duduk music, playing c clarinet]
> [i worry about increasingly turning inward; the longer we live in
> relative isolation here, the more i gnaw myself out. i generate a
> cathedral of resonance after the fact of the music, and the music
> ceases to be a social occasion, and turns instead immediately into
> memory of what would never have occurred here, in this dwelling.
> my thought moves between blockchain and holocaust; i was born when
> 'the' holocaust was in full fury, and now i try to drag the
> digital down with me into the depths of the fragility of the body,
> without crispr and with minimal prosthetics. this is sound hardly
> to be listened to; this is the memory of sound. our minds live in
> devastation; i listen to yours.]
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