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The substation is a lure into the text, an image of a network which is
vulnerable, organisms reaching into the sky.
What appear to be lightning rods as well. Everything readied for
The text for me, of course just for me, is what's of importance; there are
images and some video as well, all through it.
It goes back a long way, into issues of failure, collapsed bodies,
imperialisms, some sections are based on work decades-old.
I haven't read the Latour, he hasn't read me! :-)
The substation by the way was also on a trip, I remember being on a train,
very bad weather, perhaps a car though, in any case a vector -
& perhaps the substation might make more sense (or none at all) if you read
the whole .txt which isn't actually that long, it's written into, always on
my mind in the snippets I put up daily -
Best!, Alan

On Fri, Jun 28, 2019 at 4:58 PM Johannes Birringer (Staff) <
Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk> wrote:

> thanks for the reply --  and again for your willingness to share so much
> of your work here, your writing & music.
> Now, after your reply, and your mentioning of the "Inadequate" text, I
> took a brief look and realized this is a long durational text.
> I stopped after the opening section on the "case" of the ontologies and
> materialities of the world.
> As you all are aware, a great deal of interest has now gone towards
> materialisms and matter, and ontologies. And also the "terrestrial"
> (friends alerted me
> to a new "manifesto" by Bruno Latour, "Das terrestrische Manifest" - i
> think the english translation is "Down to Earth: Politics in the New
> Climatic Regime" -
> has anyone come across this?). What fascinated me, Alan, was to find your
> photo of a substation (attached) with the Inadequate text, why a converter
> station?
> I remember one day not too long ago, we sat in a van driving out towards
> the desert mountains of West Texas, a long trip ahead, and as we were
> leaving the outskirts of Houston, I look out of the window and see a
> substation, located directly next to a cemetery. I wondered what brought
> the two together.
> best
> Johannes Birringer
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> Apologies for not writing back sooner, we were away in Ashfield, Mass.
> with a poor connection.
> The photograph is beautiful, incredible, are there videos?
> Threnody, yes, mournful and then Shorter Discourses of the Buddha, I was
> thinking of the Pali Canon, which I read into, as well.
> It is all bones, I've been writing 'The Inadequate' for a while now, the
> text is inadequate as is the topic.
> It's at http://www.alansondheim.org/inadequate.txt somewhat revised, it's
> also coming out in an online and possibly offline journal.
> But the point is that a serenade itself is a resonance perhaps for a
> duration of a feeling, there's always a closure involved, albeit somewhat
> tattered.
> Years ago I wrote a fair amount about the 'tawdry' and I wonder how
> replete that is, how much is every left.
> Best, Alan, see you in September, perhaps October, working out a schedule
> manque
> On Mon, Jun 24, 2019 at 8:48 AM Johannes Birringer (Staff) <
> Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk<mailto:Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk>>
> wrote:
> thanks Alan for the text and the music.
> I reread your writing a few times, and in fact enjoyed listening to you
> during this echoing-memory piece in
> "the cathedral of resonance," as you call it. I remember that serenades
> were light, light-heartedly serene, in honor
> of some thing or some one, in the musical tradition I was raised in, but
> it's a while ago that I reflected on that, and you sound more somber
> and desperate. On the other hand, think of cathedrals without roofs and
> yet with memories resonating in their
> arms and corridors and bones and limbs, i think memory is a medium too,
> and I recommend a book I stumbled across
> which overtly seems to me a media history/media theory, but it's so much
> more and I'm enjoying the elemental
> sense of it (not devastation but plenitude of nature) - "The Marvelous
> Clouds: Toward a Philosophy of Elemental Media"
> (by John Durham Peter., 2015). The depths of fragility of our bodies and
> our earth of course are serious matters,
> you are playing with fire. If memory is time, thus lost or recorded, then
> you are doing fine, you are recording!
> Now "Threnody," a CD of music you sent me some time ago, refers to a
> wailing, ode or song, hymn or poem of mourning?
> a memorial to a dead person?  music tends to lift me, make me feel alive,
> does it not to you?
> I send you all a photo from current rehearsal, "mourning for a dead
> moon,"  i hope it will be a uproarious dance piece,
> full of wonder, sprouting new leaves, and blue lines or arteries against
> the dark sky.
> best
> Johannes Birringer
> dap-lab
> london and houston
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> ~~~Serenade~~~
> http://www.alansondheim.org/serenade0.png
> http://www.alansondheim.org/serenade.mp3
> http://www.alansondheim.org/serenade.png
> [listening to duduk music, playing c clarinet]
> [i worry about increasingly turning inward; the longer we live in
> relative isolation here, the more i gnaw myself out. i generate a
> cathedral of resonance after the fact of the music, and the music
> ceases to be a social occasion, and turns instead immediately into
> memory of what would never have occurred here, in this dwelling.
> my thought moves between blockchain and holocaust; i was born when
> 'the' holocaust was in full fury, and now i try to drag the
> digital down with me into the depths of the fragility of the body,
> without crispr and with minimal prosthetics. this is sound hardly
> to be listened to; this is the memory of sound. our minds live in
> devastation; i listen to yours.]
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