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Thanks Helen,

Good to know. A very important archive.

Also glad it's up, because I wrote about The CyPosium in my PhD ;-)

Wishing you well.


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On Wednesday, 6 March 2019 09:01, Helen Varley Jamieson <helen at creative-catalyst.com> wrote:

> hi folks,
> some of you may remember that back in 2012 we held The CyPosium - a one day (12 hours) online symposium on cyberformance. it was a great event with a lot of participants & generated a lot of really useful material about the development of cyberformance and live online performance in general. this was all documented on the website and in a book.
> recently the website went offline for a while due to the end of a free hosting arrangement, but i'm happy to announce that it's now all back online at https://www.cyposium.net/, where you can find:
> - screen recordings & chat logs of 10 presentations from artists & researchers (including many netbehaviourists)
> - screen recordings & chat logs of 3 discussions
> - links to additional material provided by the presenters
> - link to CyPosium - The Book, in several formats - free to read online or download as a pdf, & available to buy as a hardcopy.
> the site is a valuable resource of information for artists & anyone researching the field, as it documents work from the 90s and earlier that isn't widely known about.
> enjoy!
> h : )
> --
> helen varley jamieson
> helen at creative-catalyst.com
> http://www.creative-catalyst.com
> http://www.upstage.org.nz
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