[NetBehaviour] Radiolands

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Mar 7 00:17:11 CET 2019


http://www.alansondheim.org/11611.mp3 11.611 Mhz

two shortwave radio tuned to 11.611, signal phasing, apparently
am and fm frequeny modulations, you can see it in the charts;
the Sony ICF-2010 is an early and classical digital model that
can sync on the frequency. the other radio, a Sony ICF-6700, is
a high-end analog radio from the early 1980s (this model bought
in Switzerland). the signals were recorded with a Zoom H4n
placed between them. the lands image is from a linux fractal
program (not my own), dialing in Julia sets, a form of
mathematical interpretation.

here is an image of the frequency spectrum of the piece:

Two shortwave analog radios; 2010 and 6700 and it's the 6700
that sounds so sweet and the 2010 that pulls in processed
signals for identification and some analysis augmented 11611
this contains 47 segments of filtered shortwave and VLF E11611
field STOP. All this on 6.8260 mHz on the shortwave, exactly,
sig-11611 construct other interiors. China is on the shortwave.
Late night, yeah... Got the shortwav on, great and coming on
strong from with a Sony ICF 11611 2010 shortwave, later with a
small Tecsun radio the line Sony. It's analog 11611 almost all
but the cheapest shortwave radios Who 11611 about shortwave On
the shortwave, a singer from Moldavia sings "My Land." I do not
understand 11611 but the anomalous signal comes in clear and
that wasn't true for digital but almost musical with analog
machinery. For example, I have two shortwave various panix and
netcom newsgroups, for late 11611 night recording and working
with a digital shortwave as well, put intrinsic or involuntary,
anom and axiomatic, and shortwave, anomalous shortwave signal
around 5 mhz but just about everywhere, disappearing over
written shortwave axioms discloses disclosure night analog
shortwave receiver bands recorded inside plane; listen and more
I've been listening to disembodied voices on the shortwave 11611
not "fire, becoming playing can't do it justice," not even
shortwave responds shorebird anorectic choreia choreographies
aporia shortwave wires, water trucks churning through the mud,
shortwave spy stations uno ious forms of communication
technologies 11611 phone, radio (shortwave, etc.), Leakages are
everywhere; computers are vulnerable to viruses, telecom
channels to interrupts, the electromagnetic spectrum to pirates,
cellular telephony and shortwave to illegal monitoring, and
space 11611 time itself to bugging. Leakages also occur as
content within programs, as sexualities within the "clean and
proper body," as irritabilities. Leakage theory results,
continuous and fluctuating forms of containment. Nothing holds
for long. amazing; the antenna connects to a Sony ICF116116700W
shortwave using shortwave or crystal or very low frequency
radios, as well as a brooklyn new york dancing with an avatar of
his own creation. shortwave across bands against fcc regulation
11611 received on shortwave band) shortwave, at Eyebeam, for
recording and performance. played to the foreground, imitating
shortwave Morse Code, without echo, electronic audio, involves
frequency radio, crystal shortwave, looked macgrid; radio pieces
from shortwave through very low frequency Messages of the gods
from a 1952116114 Hallicrafters S1161138C shortwave radio. If
you don't have a Sony 2010 shortwave, try and find one. The
design and remappings of the human body, landscape, very low
frequency and shortwave shortwave is poor in our area. through a
sony minidisk connected shortwave and emergent intelligence; it
is the former which opens the tors and the interacting/
interfering shortwave stations (around 9.6 mhz). latter made
just now from shortwave around 5.6 meg. modified here, the
original blocking just about all the shortwave bands in limits,
Bourbaki, shortwave radio, Akkadian, love, and Clement Rosset.
Sony ICF116116700W shortwave reciever. This is a large model
that I found ing report after report, as if I were there 11611
that was shortwave, I swingle: CZ101 work, roothrone: from
anomalous shortwave signal frequency (vlf) radio; scanner
shortwave videos; visual debriscan't reassemble humans semblence
chatter shortwave axioms theory croatia bulgaria loud shortwave
d'eau veins skateboarding 130 the crystal setups; shortwave is
poor in our area. The breathing of shortwave responds to the
cosmos; you can feel the weath11611 0very drop anom shortwave
signal around 5 mhz but just about like with the shortwave, and
with all of the noise of the shortwave as However: work with
shortwave, very low frequency (VLF), crystal mention CB and
shortwave. For any sort of specialized work, the book is radio
waves 11611 shortwaves, spherics, whistlers: of anomalous
shortwave signals, and on the other, some shortwave shtetl
sightless signifiers sim simulacra simulacrum processing of the
sound. Just about every digital shortwave I've owned has and
shortwave, anomalous sounds; the area is highly charged.
shortwave numbers station to some foreign station on the
shortwave, theyre' out there 11611 mud, shortwave spy stations
uno with am sure of rest now gone, 35mm give Mark surprise,
working delay shortwave put going deeper it, 1949, etc. I tend
to use a vacuum tube 1950s shortwave for the sound quality 11611
imaginary of the text. To my right is a shortwave radio, Radio
Austria superb. Almost all the Sony shortwaves are good; I also
have an old and direction, shortwave in the background looking
for numbers stations, it's static now and interference,
^<^[[0malansond^>^[[0m it is the only station shortwave.^[[0m
11611 just as there are conflations of shortwave frequencies,
one or another When I hear these, I think of shortwave. And they
were just as hard to sound down long thin wires, ionospheric
shudderings; on shortwave you spoke. I heard this later, night
after night, on North Korean shortwave 11611 wave at 162k
through shortwave at 21mhz. shortwave, specifically 14500 to
14800 of the band, where the strange smooth, soothing descendal,
to shortwave listening much time monitoring/listening to
shortwave, fiddling with antennas. Again recordings made using
upper or lower shortwave sidebands. the drone11611drift the Net
11611 which is so flat, so predictable 11611 shortwave space
11611 radio space

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