[NetBehaviour] improvised postproductions with shortwave and viola

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Mar 11 00:51:58 CET 2019

improvised postproductions with shortwave and viola


not sure where the whoosh comes from but it's present, recording
with upper sidebands for the most part, sometimes just narrow
filtering, lowering the viola pitch with and without formants

whitsound who whoarewewps whoosh whosebodies whoshall whurls
from the dust of koans, the whoosh whoosh answer of the clapping
hand, that afternoon, an enormous whoosh heard for several
minutes, towards death inherent in the calling-forth nighthawk,
the whoosh of the tailfeathers calling out to others of its
shaking fingers, accurate. whoosh. enjoy. minutes, white ibis
nothing like a whoosh to give a kind of nervous quality to the
whole whooshing at the speed of light calling-forth nighthawk,
shaking fingers, accurately whooshing, in a great backwards
whoosh like wrong-way through a wonder-viewing after all! Whoosh
whoosh (as my friend Mayakovsky once said to whew! lungs,
hungers in a great backwards whoosh like wrong-way callings of
the nighthawk tail-feathers koan lungs red dust koan clapping

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