[NetBehaviour] "For Stanton" - Akkadian Yiddish

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Mar 13 04:38:25 CET 2019

"For Stanton" - Akkadian Yiddish

Alan Sondheim / Maria Damon

tongues words into it go reggae meltdown much to come out volume
it's my world it's Marta commits Marley in Oregon where you
probably be smiling at me it's too if not honey if he do viola
keymon up salty or carti Oromo naniloa suicune la baabyleeky who
was he Pocky Uso para la in baabyleeky are they in the east in
Aurora Colorado. Bit rot iniki and see the saw it, you know who
we agree who's Carissa versus Sunday is Easter a weenie Tiana
Sue who saw Audrey is Iguodala t t e r e r u p coup news coup c
l e p t e r e e Mala by Bonnie Sue every time it's tea Casper
Burger Austin ECE Cobb Navy email so I'm so sakuru Saloon dulu
Bowie news akkad unlock Lu rou. Bukharian Kiri absolute Garuda
to us free is tum nucerity Carucci Uno live boo who's Sue.
Marlboro tete-a-tete annealer you're there. Multi tone Annie
Laurie call it a very very Talk Shop call mahad DeBartolo.
Helelua Tom stem.

Dear auntie Fari deep in the wrong just for an guess shift does
foot took a shift the clothing store does criminal dear
Delicatessan did we neither suck from electronic from did not
want to scrum the network from do youve a Lehrer just a shift
for Tesh mission the aim cop sensor dear Mark the music from
become to Tori theyre up and take she from souvenir chrome youre
super mark did such as chrome discuss state focus shift because
theyre escalate tour deer lease youre on mensch December the
microphone from Cashmere air near health exist if self ken if
defendant is full default if you suck suck suck cooks near our
room they have I am leaving mushroom Q Vaughn to senate
President Asiatic man that you know Bob mikis the 70th its good
for 7 5th Ave. at one process p.m. mean to be candid Diego to
sound the Sunday cancel over all for a good Akamai Gottli SB
Sabara I am my glass for your dad okay Debra in head E day

Sneep schmutz amen risa been gone they have a daily eve bus
goalkeeper secure if us doing micro Lipo. For Stanton.

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