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Thu Mar 14 02:57:49 CET 2019


an ancient city of Sumer located on a former channel of the
Euphrates River, fire, light, a valley, a new way of wryting
the dialogic body - (for Maria Damon) -


>From the Hebrew Genesis and otherwise, glossolalia:

repetitive nonmeaningful speech (especially that associated with
a trance state or religious fervor) - somatic-machinic wryting,
a way of wrything text, text within text, an ur-text, subtext,
the upwelling and arising of meaning within meaning, arousal of
meaning from-within body and deity -

[glossolalia, Hebrew, English into text-into-speech, certain key
words emphasized, brought to the surface, the wine-dark sea of
language and hermeneutics]

The way this subject works. It's a form of speaking in tongues a
form of glossolalia that is in transformed in a dialogue between
the body and the interpretive a I built into this machine.
Grayson para Elohim RS I don't know it to Hoover both HuHot open
a to home via Elohim Maria Cafe open a video of you or your heat
or Vera Elohim at 2 or keto Viva El Elohim vein or vain Khan
Academy a cada Cada haha Shack via Crayola Hilo RV en la casa
Guerrero Lila are ever he broke are you home a card are you home
very shown a car called uh-huh are you meme Kareem zum beispiel
Villa versus other he met a recovery to call Bain I am I my
share a Miami share my all lyrics coffee a he came Via Real him
larocca Mario Mansion a visit about the old Mariner him your
crew of a Mayan I'm going to cost in Miami FL Macomb chhavi I
can very call LOM you meet Vera-Ellen keto Elohim Rosa Kane
Aurora a new lawyer de Asia. Now I pray a cherry lemonade aveiro
Elohim keto be here are Eva hebo carry-on I need correction any
local radio Terry Rock Shop. So this is from the Tanakh this is
from Bereishit this is from the Pentateuch this is from the
first part of it the very first chapter of Genesis which is also
the creation here using the tongue of the mouth and the tongue
of the Lord and the tongue of the machine on the interaction
thereof is that a coal shaft on a Rotella of Asia. Stomp. Now
for the second part which will be that of glossolalia with
inserted words. And may all I miss my email that she had Joseph
Emery Lee I am going to go get us some play me where can I see
Maria highly Beyond Shiba I lied to me tomorrow hi. We don't
know how many fall out of my mind me down anymore mahi-mahi
bought me Judah when you missed call about money Moscato Molly
Mae Acosta Miguel Ibarra how you may already be more from Les
Mis Audible. And that he made me a landmark near Marcy Lee McGee
model SM from the grave Memorial Day sale on Folly Grandma Ray's
small Lily on Mega Godfather I see they got First Met Gala by
are they small can a father far away I'll have all I need a
recipe for skillet mahiya mahi mahi but me. Eva Isaac I don't
know if I'm ready money Padma Home Marshall anybody remake Folly
Cove Irmo know I might seem I lie all iPod on my name is Skylar
I didn't miss keep ramadi Rebecca. Mascola Jima Jima Poly Pomona
for Ally kissing a hero by hailee Amore big on my cement Barbara
pickle about police Marquise Brown are they make sure you gave
me I didn't mean to you. The body speaks with the body speaks my
last seder got more the Seder, or call on a couple left on that
car cowl neck of left on that car via cry it's cocktail yaakov 8
tomorrow to be a movie on Mira Lolo TK kumler Cadera a rhombus
with Thule RV Valeo VRA I don't know Ikea should know the old to
Vila Patio Cafe LaRue come over Roja shomayim volume ruaha
shomayim. I need con carne con Avion econ me RV should we have a
Cole husband bottom of it. But it's cock a lock lock m vo-thuat
Ma I need a cover of Anil Daya Anil Daya Daya Daya stem stem
stum. Limits R I am I am I am who via sugarcane b'nai Israel
Yosef of low to all P Faro Viet online. He met a vehicle vehicle
at Shanae when the same emotion bullet with f r i m v a Godly
Alcovy American Airlines Trail via chaval meme is that cold
shiny your hair Let There be Rock Shivani Lauderdale every talks
have the Seder gum or the Lyla Tov. Stomp the body speaks with
the body. The Mind speaks with the mind. You use the machine
speaks with the voice of me. Interprets the voice of me.
Prophesize has the voice of me. Reproduces the voice of me.
Becomes the voice of me. Becomes part of me. Becomes more of me
than of that now. Becomes Of Us. Becomes Of It all. Becomes
glossolalia. Becomes speaking in tongues. Become speaking in
tongues. Becomes tongues. Tongues. Tongues. Become speaking with
the tongues because the tongues and speaking of the tongues the
tongues. The tongues. The tongues. The tongues. The tongues.
Basader got more.

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