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This particular story is fascinating and I think resonates with the Middle
East today. On Wikipedia, a scholar says "In contrast, James King West
considers that the hostilities between the Philistines and Hebrews appear
to be of a "purely personal and local sort".[57]
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samson#cite_note-West1971-58> He also
considers that Samson stories have, in contrast to much of Judges, an
"almost total lack of a religious or moral tone"
What's really interesting here is the idea of the "local skirmish" - which
is how it reads to me. And now, throughout much of the world, local
skirmishes are occurring at greater and greater frequency, I think, driven
by climate change and the resulting starvation, hoarding of resources,
over-populations, and so forth. Industrialization has ruined us all; Azure
and I have tried going totally without plastic - and at least where we
live, that's an impossibility. So the Samson story is oddly "modern"
sounding. The issues of nationalism and race are troubling of course, and
today I can imagine all the events occurring over a 25km radius, so to
speak - people and peoples moving back and forth, absolutist religions
creating "fights" and so forth. Great writing!  - Best, Alan (about to join
a cult where we'll attack Cranston, the next town over!) -

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> 'The Doubter's Mysteries' are an attempt to write a short cycle of
> Mystery Plays - ie. plays based on Bible stories, like the Medieval
> Mystery Plays of York, Chester and Wakefield - from the point of view of
> a sceptical modern audience; an audience which either doesn't believe in
> God, or can't work out what he's playing at.
> There are fourteen of these plays, and the seventh is now online: 'Samson'.
> http://edwardpicot.com/mysteries/07samson.html (or for the full series
> so far, visit http://edwardpicot.com/mysteries)
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