[NetBehaviour] Algorithmic Hate: Brenton Tarrant and the Dark Social Web by Luke Munn

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This is brilliant and brings up the question of tactical media - how can
you fight a spectral dissipation when there is no 'there there'?
Ironically this is also a disassembly and reassembly of the physical body
into ideological matter, designed to act not reflect. It's related to the
splatter semiotics I wrote about. Reasoned thought has no place within a
turbulence of irony and hidden, deflected codes.
What is to be done when there is no place of the doing?
- Alan

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> Algorithmic Hate: Brenton Tarrant and the Dark Social Web by Luke Munn
> By Geert Lovink, March 19, 2019.
> “From where did you receive/research/develop your beliefs? The internet,
> of course.” -Brenton Tarrant
> Both the dark web and social media, then, while containing important
> elements, seem inadequate on their own. These supposedly separate spheres
> appear to be merging, feeding off each other to form a cohesive online
> environment. I suggest, then, that Tarrant was encompassed by a seamless
> blend of recommended racist content and memetically racist humans—a dark
> social web.
> http://networkcultures.org/blog/2019/03/19/luke-munn-algorithmic-hate-brenton-tarrant-and-the-dark-social-web/
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