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edited compression of last lines of Internet Text


{photographs of century old coal-strata fire, Laurel Run, PA,
with additions - for upcoming talk}

                             end singularities text Why was the
            promise never fulfilled?
        +---sludge ????incubate Server at www.alansondheim.org Port
           \---tunneltalk _ mod_auth_passthrough/ .
       mod_bwlimited/ .  FrontPage/ . . .  ... objectives,
       activities and tools modalities of space-time A/D July
       Lawrence Upton at Incubation , Nottingham Trent University,
       ^th _ ___

"And quit, I think he's quit now, I'm almost certain." "In the
future, there is no is." "NICK!" she screamed. "CAVE!" she
screamed. "I!" she screamed. "WILL!" she "e: id, long long nds,
nds, rs.) rs.) rth rth th th yd, zed" "remove" in subject line.
"zany levels zing." $ exit $ now take care of them $ tired shoes
'virtual,' tearing at both. (God what the fuck have I done!) (On
and on and on... stumbling into science, realms of ignorance.)
(also at http://www.alansondheim.org/sandychat.txt ) (c) Thesis
advisor (check on Eastern Skunk Cabbage heat generation)
(revised article from CEPA Journal) (she did, but then she had
no choice!), thanks. ))))))))))))))))))))
* unabridged
* used up, stale, second-hand, worth another look, */[...]
   continues for at least m within / second/*
- Alan
- Alan Sondhim, @ (cool, eh!) the above ADDRESS!
- Alan and Azure -- Maria Damon --- ------ :  . -----------
      ---------------accompanied by the author's name.
      / / -------------- -------> -rw-r--r-- espdisk espdisk
              Apr :  zold .mp -rw-r--r-- espdisk espdisk Apr :
              zold .mp ..but hollow this beginning
      with an ' solo on the Shehata oud, ..more complex / / / / / /
      / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
        grep -h " i " texts/??.txt | head - > zz

                   Cathedral Park works w/ Kira/Azure (after Foofwa
      left, avatar works), $ grep guilty texts/* | wc
  	           , Le Sang des Autres. grep -h " I " texts/??.txt
  	|    head - >> zz * * *
    :     pm :  am " at the Rhode Island School of Design. and
      works in New , .  Westminster St., Apt.  C, Providence, RI, /
      / . formal presentations elsewhere - - / / / / / / / /
      / / / / / / / / / / / /
:   isOne :wys nother.good:goodis :  : :One :goodis
>    we feel like damn and I'm closer in the workshop so the
? ?t ?sI?f?? Jq??B??y??U ? ? ?t ??GZ ??GZ A Practical Treastise
on the Management and Diseases of Children, ALan bye Sondheim
ASCII spurts from my cock! Alan Sondheim Alan Sondheim,
sondheim at panix.com Alan, I will be in town Dec and . call me on
Tuesday the th and we And in the virtual? Anything is possible
in the virtual. August , Azure's work may be accessed through
http://azurecarter.weebly.com Behold the purpling ocean owns the
coming sun, Behold, but ere we break--a deed is to be done.
Bunker Studio, - - . CHAINS Close to the Machine (book on this
and being slave to machine) Commentary by Sandy Baldwin Continue
Correspondent for Paris Biennale, D:\Stills: Date Modified:
around / / :  pm END GLOBAL.TXT sondheim at newschool.edu Eclisse,
real! Email: sondheim at panix.com , sondheim at gmail.com Eric
Dahlbom Evanson and Maunsell, Everglades with just flashlight;
it was amazing. It was then I saw the Fred Doyle, UC Irvine
Generated by TotalChoice Hosting. I did do TRANCE I had repairs
to do. IInscription Iis Inever Iinscribed.
Iis Ithe Iend Iof Ithe IWake Iof Ithe IReal. Id ID If you would
like to be removed from this list, please respond with Jonathan
-- th coming -- Jonathan going back th -- Kemoving Eemoval hairs
w Lives , and am slated to speak/ demo at Epoetry in Buffalo
this year. Love, Alan! Maybe thing. Music again! One is
fashioned by the fashioning of them. Other references can be
given if needed. Pedersen, artists book Phone:  - -
Re-translated, "this is the longest day in my life" refers to
the temporal problem of real time data processing. The drama of
the show's plot and the iconicity of its technophilia are marks
of just this problem.  still quotes a concern with the residue
of the present, as construed by Virilio, a concern with the
paradox of communication, let's say, the paradox of a fullness
of time within the technical regulation and control of
temporalities. It may be, though, that this residue is nothing
more than a quote, a self-referential mark of translating data
packets across loosely connected media within a communication
system, crossing from digital processing to analog perception by
a human agent. The plot of is a kind of image of data
throughput. This also means that real time is a function of
transmission and reception across distributed addresses in a
network and not about the understanding and existential
temporality of a subject of communication. Television, like all
real time data sources, stops making sense. Real Art Ways
gallery advisor, - Rhode Island School of Design yearbook with
pieces by Mary Boone, Alan Sondheim, etc. (not in folder) -
partly damaged, please check. Script done on Wed Dec :  :
      Script done on Wed Jan :  :  Senhouse and Yvonne Moyse, New
York, . French original, Shudder at the strain of wires; tombed,
they foam TDITDITDITDITDIT Tags" at www.law.com. Accessed May ,
. Tel - - Thank you and good bye! The Pale rides the back of the
real; the real fucks the Pale. The future is one of addiction,
language-games coming around full circle; if we're addicted to
speech now, and who isn't, we will speak "through" each other,
through ghosts speaking through us, through the thinking
thinking that we will / are become. Trace at:
http://tracearchive.ntu.ac.uk - search "Alan Sondheim" Turn over
and I will fix your pillow. Videos to come What of the sick
philosopher? What of us? Within domain or other, search for
home. York City and Providence, SAVE ME. Your forgiving is in my
wandering [...] [ :  :  .  ] [ :  ] Olga Wunderlich: and, then,
finally all gone? [ :  ] sandy Taifun: We are cyber-shamanisms,
we extend the body into blank spaces behind the head, extend the
body down below where the posts are [ :  ] sandy Taifun: avatar
baby [ / / :  ] Howl Yifu: My avatars! My little people! They
run around everywhere, underfoot. I will play a song, a little
aire, a jig or rondelay! [ ; H [? l [[standard form] catatonic
Julu ...  .  minutes turning Jennifer ...]

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