[NetBehaviour] sounds and sites of creation

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Mar 23 20:15:35 CET 2019

sounds and sites of creation

https://youtu.be/rH2OZq__OiM video (in case you missed this)

not fractal symmetries but resonances within uncanny vessels,
vessels both evanescent and continuously altering, as if there
were the memory of shape, of engagement with the inert.
the sheffer stroke is the best we can do, not both A and B, not
to mention the expulsive dual, neither A nor B, let's leave
behind encapsulation and its attempt. think of resonance not
contained within vessels, but vessels forming, bubbled, around
momentarily stable sonic forms, tending towards dissolution.
shape is the grave of stability, the tomb of the illusion of
hardening, solitons. what we're at is such among the seas of
micro-organisms, particles, plateaus. we're always going where
there's no there there. we're always going to pieces.

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