[NetBehaviour] zero glory all over

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Mon Mar 25 19:29:12 CET 2019

zero glory all over

https://youtu.be/cycu9Hb05zg (video, oddly reproduced)

putnam falls improvisation
imminent structures of turbulence as basis

How to say quot nurse in training while the little boy say
doctor in training and a caption for the photo with quote this
is cute isn't it the answer tone deaf a defensive one person
even Photoshop that we changing nurse and doctor to health
professional in training while another took that one step
further medical shots have not yet responded to the controversy
so that deadly plane crash in Ethiopia the news overnight count
as more Airlines around the world are grounding their Boeing 737
Max 8 passenger planes that was the one involved in Philadelphia
International Airport where Catherine those planes are used
constantly they are in the fa said there's no need at this point
to ground these plants that said this investigation is ongoing
and there are those that wonder whether there's a larger safety
issue going on with these plants that again all remains under
investigation is that's going on we learned overnight that
there's a man that grew up in our area who was on that flight on
Sunday that crash in Ethiopia his name Matt The Seer he grew up
in Sea Isle City he later moved to California his employer
released a statement confirming that the iqair writer was on
Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 to Nairobi on Sunday his
colleagues remember him as an amazing writer a selfless person
who wouldn't hesitate to help others he love to Surf and he was
involved in the surf industry since he was a teenager Owens best
selling passenger jet is under scrutiny after the second deadly
crash in 5 months Boeing 737 Max is the newest version of the
737 though Airlines in Ethiopia China and Indonesia and some
other carriers around the world have temporarily grounded all
planes of this type yesterday the Federal Aviation
Administration issued a continued airworthiness notification and
as such American Airlines and Southwest airlines that fly the
737 Max will continue to do so but there are Aviation experts
out there putting a local one that has similarities between
crashes Airlines be doing right now that are using these plants
navigation is ongoing it's unclear whether the plains technology
played a role in the crash and whether this crashed is related
to that last one that happened 5 months ago do here at 6 police
say disdain for loud snoring landed this Florida woman in The
Moira Muramo in is accused of firing a shotgun

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