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mario santamaria info at mariosantamaria.net
Wed May 1 16:25:45 CEST 2019

Travel to my website (2016) is finally online at Arebyte Gallery, London
Data trafic algorithm embodied / Data package in an offline temporality
Curated by David Quiles. Website by Carlos Carbonell
> https://aos.arebyte.com/contents/mario-santamaria/

* * *

Related works:

Internet Tour (2018 - )
Tourism on the physical Internet infrastructure
Barcelona Internet Tour, CCCB, The Influencers, 2018.
> https://internetour.com/

Cloudplexity (2019)
Internet representations from U.S. patent database
> http://www.mariosantamaria.net/cloudplexity/

Spiral Hotspot (2017)
Sculptures with networks
> http://www.mariosantamaria.net/Hotspot-Disrouting/

* * *

Mario Santamaría
Researcher in Hangar Software and Interaction Lab
Curator - Internet Yami-Ichi, Internet Black market
<http://www.mataderomadrid.org/ficha/9782/the-internet-yami-ichi.html> &
CCCB <https://theinfluencers.org/en/yami-ichi2>

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