[NetBehaviour] AlgoMech festival of Algorithmic and Mechanical Music+Art, Sheffield UK, 17-19th May 2019

Alex McLean alex at slab.org
Wed May 1 22:10:03 CEST 2019

*AlgoMech Festival*
17-19 May 2019
Central venues, Sheffield UK - DINA, Site, Sidney+Matilda, Winter Garden,
Pinball Park

Algomech <https://algomech.com/> is a festival of algorithmic and
mechanical arts. Taking place over one weekend in May, the packed programme
explores the creative potential of both code and machines.

The theme for the festival's third edition is *interlace* – taking a look
at unlikely and unusual inter-weavings of different art practices. As well
as the usual algorithmic rave, there'll be handmade dancing robots making
braids on a maypole, make-your-own-mechanical-techno, algorithmic Siberian
trance, interactive textiles, invented mystical instruments, live pop music
made from code, and much more.
Events include:

*Algo/Mesh club night with Algorave + Friends*
<https://algomech.com/2019/events/mesh/> [17 May, 8pm-2am]
An algorithmic rave, Sheffield style. Algorave and friends come together in
a packed line-up of top-notch "live coders", with one room for algorithmic
dance floor bangers and another for chill-out experiments. Featuring
Leafcutter John, ALGOBABEZ, CCAI, Graham Dunning, Deerful, TYPE, UDAGAN,
Linux Lewis and loads more..

*Sonic Pattern* <https://algomech.com/2019/events/sonicpattern2019/> [18
May, 7pm-9pm]
A contemplative concert of handmade, mechanical music. Thereminist and
inventor Sarah Angliss will create dreamlike music, featuring folk-horror
robotics, theremin, percussion, electronics and the rare Latvian
clavisimbalum. Ryoko Akama will perform a live sound work with small,
fragile machines. Simon Blackmore will collaborate with two drummers to
explore rhythm as a form of code.

*Plus!* Symposium on "Dancing and Braiding
<https://algomech.com/2019/events/symposium2019/>", workshops on e-textiles
<https://algomech.com/2019/events/etextiles-workshop/>, music improvisation
<https://algomech.com/2019/events/playground-rituals/>, musical AI
<https://algomech.com/2019/events/musical-ai/>, and live coding with
TidalCycles <https://algomech.com/2019/events/tidal-workshop/> and Orca
<https://algomech.com/2019/events/orca/>, exhibition opening
<https://algomech.com/2019/events/opening/>, and much more
<https://algomech.com/2019/timetable/>, including a closing party
<https://algomech.com/2019/events/closing-party/> with special guests still
to be announced..

*Full info and tickets:*
*https://algomech.com/2019/ <https://algomech.com/2019/>*
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