[NetBehaviour] nature

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat May 11 19:13:35 CEST 2019


https://youtu.be/bKuxb9ySQP4 VIDEO

great blue herons in the rookery, created from a number of mp4
videos combined into a single unwieldy 17 gb mov file translated
back into a long mp4 file; details were lost between the mov and
mp4. made on a rainy very windy day. for the most part, nothing
happens in the world in terms of the spectacular, the spectacle,
the sublime, the world moves at enormously high speed, incredibly
slowly, static and furious, in turmoil and hardly noticeable, what
else. so that this is a period of time, rocking, building a nest
in the background, eating a fish, swallowing it, hanging on a
limb, perhaps it will break later on, flying away, sitting,
standing, the world as it stands, the camera recording as it
stands, the ordinary, the usual, the stasis in these unordinary
times, unusual times, times of the precipice. what i'm trying to
say, not very well, that this is an image of a state of affairs
that is always already gone, but in its making and viewing hints
at the ineffable, the eternal, even now. it's as if i were a
witness, as if i witnessed these things, and i did, i witnessed
these things in a similar state, tending the camera which has a
body all its own, releasing it, walking and breathing slowly,
hardly talking at all, O nothing at all, O everything

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