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> preliminary call for VERY LARGE WORKS
> VVVVVVVV           VVVVVVVVLLLLLLLLLLL     WWWWWWWW                   
> V::::::V           V::::::VL:::::::::L     W::::::W                   
>   W::::::W
> V::::::V           V::::::VL:::::::::L     W::::::W                   
>   W::::::W
> V::::::V           V::::::VLL:::::::LL     W::::::W                   
>   W::::::W
>  V:::::V           V:::::V   L:::::L        W:::::W     WWWWW         
>   W:::::W
>   V:::::V         V:::::V    L:::::L         W:::::W     W:::::W       
>   W:::::W
>    V:::::V       V:::::V     L:::::L          W:::::W   W:::::::W     
>   W:::::W
>     V:::::V     V:::::V      L:::::L           W:::::W   W:::::::::W   
>   W:::::W
>      V:::::V   V:::::V       L:::::L            W:::::W W:::::W:::::W 
>   W:::::W
>       V:::::V V:::::V        L:::::L             W:::::W W:::::W 
> W:::::W W:::::W
>        V:::::V:::::V         L:::::L  W:::::W:::::W   W:::::W:::::W
>         V:::::::::V          L:::::L LLLLLLW:::::::::W     W:::::::::W
>          V:::::::V         LL:::::::LLLLLLLLL:::::L W:::::::W       
> W:::::::W
>           V:::::V          L::::::::::::::::::::::L  W:::::W         
> W:::::W
>            V:::V           L::::::::::::::::::::::L W:::W           W:::W
>             VVV            LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL  WWW             WWW
>  WWW             WWW
> VERY LARGE WORKS is an online show (pavilion) at The Wrong art 
> biennale 2019-2020, organised by Noemata group.
> the call consists of this intro and some (curatorial) questions. you 
> can take part in the show by submitting more questions or by 
> submitting work related to the questions. in other words, you can 
> participate as curator posing questions, or as artist submitting works 
> to questions.
> now, can we also pose a question whether the question itself is a 
> work, and vice versa, whether a submitted work itself is a question? 
> this is left as a question also for now.
> then, what is a good platform for this? would a bulletin board or 
> email-list do? we'd love to give life to other web protocols and 
> practises, free from commercial clutter, abide with a vision closer to 
> the original internet.
> the project concerns internet curatorship as much as 'very large 
> works'. it could be called Very Collaborative-Discursive Thing 
> perhaps. our goal is seeing if this form of show could develop into a 
> more general practise within the entangled netbased- art and 
> curatorship pair.
> IF ARE YOU INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING (non-bindingly) in the show 
> simply comment yes to this post, or reply 'very large works' to 
> mail at noemata.net <mailto:mail at noemata.net>. the purpose is, besides 
> probing interest, to drop a few names into an application to get the 
> project funded (with the help of God).
> VERY LARGE WORKS preliminary questions
> how large?
> what are the extensions of an artwork?
> does it have any? did art invent the zero yet? or negative dimensions?
> one mole of elephants?
> since we can script electrons, that's different from counting?
> what about in-between dimensions?
> who told you it was visible, countable, accountable?
> the monitor is merely a - monitor?
> ... that admonishes, cautions, of matters of conduct?
> is a very large work still a work?
> does it want to be a work?
> is work endless work, Sisyphus?
> is it perhaps too romantic, or is it just lack of imagination?
> inherent lack?
> isn't imagination too tacky, just imagine?
> and cognition, its own?
> boundaries - when will it take on its own?
> circuits, morphology?
> what about a six-dimensional work with unknown extensions?
> as a matter of fact?
> the home of time?
> where would they fit, the very large works?
> isn't very large more like muscle, and work again?
> penis enlargement?
> largus copious?
> then you have copy and number, ennumeration, infinity or cost?
> as you approach lim, inf?
> it certainly isn't infinite, it's most definitely finite?
> what about tactility and number?
> abstract numbers close at hand?
> numbers and money (mcluhan)?
> "sure, sure"?
> "The result hammered for a mountain-scene panorama measuring over 8 
> meters wide and 3 meters high - The Grand Fucking Mountains (2019) - 
> illustrates the immense success of this new giant of et cetera"?
> if you're a great artist.. a great artist makes great artworks?
> now with internet we can also make VERY LARGE works?
> couple it with art marked finance, whitewashing, scams, and what have you?
> physicality seems to.. and the virtual-real?
> are very large works also very tiny works?
> what about zooming?
> inside - outside, can you always zoom into and outof?
> can a zoom substitute different domains of knowledge into one zoomable 
> territory?
> also recursion is the devil, chain reaction, link reaction?
> anything that, which is most things, as counting +1?
> large and scarce
> grasp our current love of numbers and quantitative information?
> extension of our senses, sounds ominous, numinous?
> the extension is of the same, just look at a postcard?
> the news is the most trite thing there is?
> how many days have you lived?
> then how many did you skip?
> nights?
> can you even trust your senses, less the extensions?
> and trust your trust, judgement?
> the agreeable, the beautiful, the sublime, and the good?
> unknown universals for given particulars?
> subjective universal oxymoronic?
> tasteless?
> the strong taste of nothing?
> your lightyear or mine?
> now thoughts can be tactile-erectile?
> what about lard, very lard?
> why did you ever want to think?
> two deserts - one empty, one full?
> and digestion, not the least?
> the schematas from table of judgement, delicious fruit?
> duration, just imagine, no, just feel, no, just be, no, just, obdure?
> that's on a cliff?
> mirror, mirror on the wall?
> on both sides?
> head over heels?
> the somerzsault of reflection, why is the left right?
> is it biodegradable?
> only if we die?
> under the wrapping on a summer breeze?
> cc: coco chanel?
> copious fragrance disseminate, when will art smell?
> bcc: blind coco chanel?
> are the senses extensions at all, or rather indentations?
> ye olde intentionality?
> are there any gifts left?
> exit shop to the right?
> preliminary participants
> Denise Kehoe, Eurico Sá Fernandes, Christian Blom, Antoine Schmitt, 
> Igor and Ivan Buharov, Termodress (Christian Bøen), Kira 
> Simon-Kennedy, AP Vague, Xiaoyao Xu, Ana Buigues, Zsolt Mesterhazy, 
> Natalia Matta-Landero, Dirk Vekemans, Maja kalogera, Gottfried Haider, 
> Douglas Repetto, Nina Sobell, Simon Perathoner, Joseph Moore, www 
> PerfectUsersCollective, Ada Ortega Camara, Alexander Ness, ronnie s, 
> David Quiles Guilló, irena kalodera, daria baiocchi, Lanny Quarles, 
> Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Andreas Maria Jacobs, Julia E Dyck, Yiorgos 
> Chouliaras, Jim Andrews, Harvey Lev, Dominik Podsiadly, Elle 
> Thorkveld, nigel roberts, Simon Biggs, Vivian Cintra
> notes
> for VLW i was thinking people can either submit questions and/or 
> works, so that a participant can not only 'submit' work to a set of 
> curating rules/questions, but also add to or change them. in this case 
> a participant can submit a curatorial thing as work, forming a 
> contradiction to the either/or.
> i had https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nomic in mind, a rule-changing 
> game, but with art it's more like questions and probes, one 'object of 
> perception' leading to another.
> so on second thought, and closer to nomic, one could perhaps take part 
> with art _as_curatorial also? so you submit TO a rule or submit A 
> rule. it would be a Very Collaborative-Discursive Thing.. the title 
> VLW now seems to slide into the background, but again, the theme is 
> the main thing holding it together, the one thing that can't be 
> changed. maybe this form of show could develop into a more general 
> stance on net curatorship?
> what if we further say that input/moves/actions are treated as both 
> works AS rule and work FROM rule? how would that affect? where are we 
> floating?
> next question, what is a good platform for this?
> would a bulletin board be a good platform, an email-list?
> also to give life to older web protocols, free from commercial 
> clutter, the vision of the internet
> notes to fund application
> would be decent to be able to give participants something for their work.
> resources
> https://noemata.net
> https://thewrong.org
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nomic
> https://boingboing.net/2017/08/25/person-tests-amazons-unlim.html
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klGoP04C-WY
> http://awp.diaart.org/km/painting.html
> http://clickmonkeys.com/
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