[NetBehaviour] The inadequate, a philosophical testament, part 8

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The inadequate, a philosophical testament, part 8

Adam's Rock


the rock as obdurate. The interior of the rock. The micro-
organisms on the rock. The inability to fully examine the
microbiome without disturbance. The probability of interruptions
in the past. The probability of interruptions in the future. The
Fragile ecosystems of the Earth. The borderline between the Rock
and the soil Matrix beneath it. The roots upwelling Under The
Rock. the failure to comprehend. The failure to think deeply along
the lines of the deep ecology of time. The lack of knowledge of
origins of the Rock. the microorganisms within the Rock.this can
continue indefinitely. It will all be swept away. even the
simplest thing such as land parcels and aquifers in the area are
almost impossible to determine exactly. Soon will come the
digitalization of the rock. With digitalization comes the raster.

You might as well say goodbye to the Planck length. I've always
been a failure at Conjuring up or bringing to the surface the
depth of knowledge or the depth of the phenomenology of the
natural world. Or of any other world. There are always bars in the
way of constructs. There are issues of Finance which Brioullin
points out Brillouin in terms of particle physics. The more that
research requires larger funding the more it's in the thralls of
neoliberalism. The more it's in the thralls of neoliberalism the
less we know about the world and the more we know about the
surfaces not the depth of the movement of data. Data itself is
worn like The Rock. But it is relatively simple compared to the
exabytes of information that might be even within a single cubic

centimeter of The Rock. I bring myself to these surfaces
constantly attempting to ascertain their depths I extrapolate from
the resulting images that I make into something far deeper and far
more pernicious because the extrapolation always involves a
suturing over the surface. The suturing has no way of being exact
- we're coming to anything other than the peeling off of a shell
or carapace of the rock. That is an image or a slide or a surface
film. The film is something that almost relates to Medieval
Notions of sight. The film is something that comes off the rock as
if it were heading towards the eyes or the camera lens. I am
bringing back a relic of a landscape. This is as if it were like
this or as if it is still like this or as if it is like this at
any particular point in time and space. It offers a point of view
and art history has drowned such analysis with phenomenology and
an understanding of the fragility and the absence of the image in
the image. It says if all images were imaginary. doesn't it always
go back to the rester. Even with Wittgenstein's Tractatus the
raster is something that always seems to be in play when you're
considering the Sheffer stroke or its dual - in other words the
foundations of the real as it's represented in propositional logic
one way or another. The raster is what gets in the way of the end
of logic and the analogic itself - analogy analog - the analogic
itself begins to dissolve at the level of the Planck length. Or
the planck time. I'm deliberately letting this text dissolve in
the futility of AI reading from speaking. Only in this way can
shifts in the meaning or analysis come to some sort of fruition,
the text representing itself what is already lost in an analysis
that seems perfect and pristine in any classical formalism. There
is no such thing. Rather there is such a thing but it is always a
question of suturing over what that thing is - the world is a
world of sutures and carapaces. this is the space of language. I
think of the ackermann function a c k e r m a n n function and the
way that such a function grows indefinitely on paper with nothing
more than a manipulation of symbols that seem to extend
indefinitely to Infinity in the form of a gesture. Writing
mathematics is always a form of gesture. In this sense it is a
representative of the earliest uses of language when language
itself may have developed out of gesture according to Tran Duc

paragraph are gestures always futile. By pointing Beyond they
Point nowhere in terms of a full rester or full articulation of
the real. They are always distancing always somewhere else in the
presence(s) that they are announcing. It is this way that it is
failure. What we need now is a phenomenology of failure not a
phenomenology of closed articulated domains such as the red patch
on the desk before me or geography or even the body itself. All of
these things fall apart. This discourse falls apart.

We might want to talk about the thinking of the world. that is a
tendency towards signing a tendency towards naming. This is
different than Kripke's notion of natural kinds in which there are
determinants coming from the world itself that are the same in any
possible world. But there's no such thing when we are in the midst
of it. When we were in the midst of a game and infractions of the
rules always lead to red cars to red cards to being cast aside
cast out of the game. the game where into something we are always
cast out of always already cast out of. This relates to Schutz's
notion of Carneades with either the Rope or the snake in the cave
and we can't determine which. What is true in the situation like
that what is true is that we are cast out of the cave while we're
simultaneously examining it while we're in the situation protein
language. not protein but protein language. That is protean
language. it's always a Conjuring and it's always a Conjuring that
fails as magic and miracles fail as even the obdurate Earth, the
idiotic real fails us. But it's not a question of failing us, it's
a question of failure or failing in the first and last place. It
has little relationship to us. And among other things there is no

So in this situation we're dealing like once again with Adams
Rock Adam apostrophe s rock. This is a rock in his yard in the
woods in Ashfield Massachusetts. And it takes us only back to
the surface of the image which we relate to the surface of the
rock. We're doing all of this. We're doing the relating. We're
doing the image-making. We're doing the walking around and
talking. We're doing the writing. We're doing the reading. We're
doing this here. We're doing this. And in the sense we're doing
nothing at all or there's always a gap between what we're doing
and what we think we're doing - a gap between here and there a
gap between any two words I've between fulfillment and
exhaustion - I Gap coming up promulgated from within between
failure and the notion of failure. And with that with that I'll
leave it at that

And with that I'll leave it at that. Leaving and coming towards
it, leaving and arriving here are the same thing. There's no
difference at all and there's every difference in the world and
the lack of it.

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